Florida State Signs Jacob Fahrenkrug--Nation's Top JUCO Offensive Line Prospect

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Jacob Fahrenkrug, the top JUCO offensive line prospect in the country, has signed with the Florida State Seminoles.  Fahrenkrug plays for North Dakota State College of Science and is originally from Minnesota.  Josh Newberg confirmed via twitter.

Fahrenkrug is 6'4" and 315 lbs.  He is powerful and athletic with good balance.  He needs work on his conditioning and his competition is suspect, allowing him to get away with some sloppy technique in the video we saw.  Admittedly, the video is from 2009 and we have not seen his 2010 film, undoubtedly sent to FSU's coaches.  

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher and offensive line coach Rick Trickett flew to see Fahrenkrug the first chance they got, and he visited Florida State in November.  The 'Noles beat out Auburn, Arkansas, Arizona, USC, Tennessee, Mississippi, and UCLA for his services.  He was hosted by guard David Spurlock and Dan Foose.  The trio visited the Palace (restaurant).   Florida State rarely leaves the Southeast for a prospect, but this was a special case and clearly a guy FSU wanted very much.  The 'Noles built the relationship with him over the last seven or eight months and got their man.

Fahrenkrug played in the Minneapolis suburban high school of Robbinsdale Cooper for three years. He once weighed 400 pounds and used athletics as a way to improve his health.

"I was a couch potato," Fahrenkrug said. "I really started getting in shape with wrestling and wrestling led me into being a better football player."

NDSCS was the only school to show interest in Fahrenkrug coming out of high school. Part of that lack of interest was due to academics, Fahrenkrug said.

Wildcats assistant head coach Mike Shafer said when he watched film on Fahrenkrug, he saw a big kid who could move. One play Shafer saw on film stuck out. Fahrenkrug sped downfield and engaged with a linebacker.

"He just got his hands on the kid and put him to the ground," Shafer said. "If a kid does it once, there is no reason why he can't do it all the time."  -NDSCS Release

The question likely isn't if Fahrenkrug will start, but where.  He plays right guard for his NDSCS team, but could play inside or outside for Florida State.  FSU must replace All-American guard Rodney Hudson and four-year starting center Ryan McMahon.  The 'Noles also have uncertainty with right guard David Spurlock (concussions), who missed seven games this year.  And left tackle Andrew Datko may require surgery on both of his shoulders.  

Fahrenkrug will enroll this January for the Spring semester and will participate in Spring ball and the off-season program.  FSU now has the highest rated offensive line class by far.  FSU knew that due to some awful luck (broken back/blown knee, heart condition, concussions, and a family tragedy) to four of the six most talented offensive linemen recruited by Trickett, it would need a monster offensive line class.  But this offensive line group is really much better than anything our experts thought FSU would put together just a few months ago.

Florida State is well on its way to contending for the top overall recruiting class in the entire country.  Consult the 2011 recruiting board for more, or discuss recruiting in the most recent 2011 recruiting discussion thread.    

Inside, find his 2009 film (2010 film not yet available).

Jacob Fahrenkrug NDSCS JC.mpg (via tdman7)

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