Monday Tomahawks 12.20.10

FSU continues its bowl preparation.  Christian Ponder is still not back and won't be until the team gets to Atlanta in a few days.  Still uncertain if he will play.  Andrew Datko's shoulders (yes, both) are unsurprisingly still not well.  Jermaine Thomas will be back for the bowl game, but how healthy or effective he will be is anyone's guess.   

I had a source e-mail me last night about my statement that "this could be FSU's best recruiting class in a decade."  The source said "change 'in a decade' to 'ever' ".  I don't know if I buy that but the sentiment from those in the know is that it's not if the recruiting class will be special, but rather how special.  

There are rumors that former FSU, UF, Michigan, and Louisville commitment Demar Dorsey has enrolled at TCC and will try to walk on at FSU.  I'm not sure how much of that is true at this point, but even assuming it is true, he would still need to have decent enough grades to enroll at FSU.  We shall see.  

Recruiting now enters a dead period until January 3rd per NCAA rule.  That means no contact except for phone calls.  January 7th and 14th will be big recruiting weekends.

Opponent News

Former Miami Hurricane commitments Teddy Bridgewater and Eli Rogers have committed to Louisville.  I was told this two weeks ago, but was skeptical. This is huge for Louisville, but not an enormous loss for Miami.  Why?  Bridgewater can be successful in the Big East because of the lack of quality defenses he will face in that league.  Plus, with Miami running a pro-style system, Bridgewater would likely have to be a receiver.  Rogers is a player we have criticized for quite a while, saying he is undeserving of his ESPNU150 rating.  Miami soured on him due to character issues.

The Canes picked up a commitment over the weekend.  A defensive end from Fork Union Prep in Virginia.  He was committed to Temple, had no offers from UVA or Virginia Tech, and has been reported as 6'3" 250 and 6'6" 280.  Which of those figures is accurate will likely tell the tale of how good of a pickup that is.  

Maryland will fire long-time coach Ralph Friedgen after the bowl game.  It seems Maryland has a lot of Under Armour money now and wants to make a splash.  However, the program still won't be much of a threat to FSU as it cannot match the 'Noles in the talent column.  The rumor is Mike Leach will be the new coach.  Why replace one bright offensive mind who doesn't recruit well with another bright offensive mind who doesn't recruit well?

Boston College has extended Frank Spaziani through 2015.  No word on the amount or the buyout, so this could be just for show.  Spaziani is a great defensive coach who made a terrible offensive hire in Gary Tranquil.  

Will Hill, the talented but inconsistent Gator safety, has posted "farewell UF" on his facebook.  If he leaves, that hurts UF.  

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