Tomahawk Notes 12.24.10

Because knowing the opponent is half the battle, let's take a look at Miami's recruiting since the Al Golden hire.  

First, the bad.  QB Teddy Bridgewater and WR Eli Rogers de-committed from the Canes and switched to Louisville.  Those are two Miami Northwestern kids.  I think their loss is a bigger public relations loss than a loss on the field.  

On the positive side in Coral Gables, Miami picked up a four-star JUCO tight end in 6'4" 250' Chase Hunter.  Miami also grabbed 3* 6'5" 270 lb DE Olsen Pierre, who was committed to temple.  They are also expected to land 6'7" 290' offensive tackle Taylor Gadbois out of Georgia.  Gadbois is a three-star.  Miami is quite loaded on the offensive line, which is odd considering the 'Canes' relative thin prospects at other positions.  

The 'Canes are also recruiting Stephen Weatherford, brother of Drew Weatherford.  His best other offer is South Florida.

I'd say this is a decent start, but if Golden wants a solid 2012 and 2013, he needs [link] to raise the talent level there because Miami's major talent is in its upperclassmen.  As I've pointed out before, Miami is stuck with a ton of scrub freshmen, roughly 15% of its roster, who no other major program wanted.  

Can some of these guys blossom into stars?  Yes, but most of them will not.  The 'Canes have Randy Shannon to thank for that.  To boost his recruiting ranking, Shannon took a bunch of these scrubs.  That move will hurt the 'Canes in 2012 and 2013.

There are rumors, however, that Miami will take a class of 25 and have double-digit attrition.  That would be a really smart move by Golden.

It is still too early to tell how well Golden will recruit at Miami on the whole.

Also, here's a touching story about Devonta Freeman, an FSU commitment (warning: language).  

FSU Hoops

Florida State lost to Butler, 67-64.  It was a horrible effort.  One of the worst offensive performances seen in a long time.  

I've never seen a team go 1 for 11 (assists to TOs), but FSU managed to do it and here's why. You are seeing the end result of certain things in these clips (clips of TOs and general offensive retardation), but what is happening here, one time, and one time only in the first half did Florida State run an offensive set that any coach OR player that follows college basketball would recognize. Only one time. Everything else was ‘get the ball and do something with it,' and normally it wasn't a good thing. One possession the entire first half, Florida State ran anything that looked like an offensive movement." -Dan Dakich

Dan Dakich knows a lot more about hoops than myself or FSU coach Leonard Hamilton.  He coached for 10 years under Bobby Knight.  ESPN just ripped FSU all night, and it was warranted.  FSU's lack of coherent offensive plan and style is an embarrassment to the university.  Thirty percent of FSU's possessions ended in a turnover!  Thirty percent!  

I know there are certain non-basketball factors that will almost assuredly keep Leonard Hamilton employed by FSU, but if FSU had a quality athletic director, that AD would make Hamilton fire assistant Stan Jones and bring in an offensive-minded guy who Hamilton couldn't ruin.

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