Miami Could Win ACC If It Had Florida's Resources... and other Cane fun

David Hyde of the Sun-Sentinel stopped short of proclaiming Jon Gruden a "done deal", but his Miami article is really misguided, so we will FJM it, college style.

Ask yourself this: Which job would you take? Which program has more positives? Because it's not even close, is it?

No, it is not. I would take the job with more resources than any in the country aside from Texas.

Except for one area, Florida's football job is so much better than Miami's that Urban Meyer had to convince himself twice to quit it. He grew emotional each time. And we're still in the 24-hour cone of regret where he could double-back yet again.

Glad you recognize this, David. It is so much better.

This is important because, on some level, it's Florida vs. Miami now. Both have job openings. Both will be reading over similar resumes. And both will be judged by candidates for what they offer.

Yes, they will be similar on some level.  The level that they will both be making a hire.  But the candidates for Florida won't be B-list rejects.  

Miami cannot afford anyone on UF's list.  UF wouldn't hire anyone considering Miami.  

Florida has more money.

So does UCF and USF.

Florida has better facilities.

Again, so does everyone else.

Florida has an on-campus stadium it could fill for tiddly-winks,

Miami never filled the Orange bowl except when the opponent brought 25K+ fans.

has won more recent championships,

Also true, Current recruits have seen UF win three championships to Miami's one.

churns out more NFL talent of late and recruits from the same rich basin of high-school football that is considered Miami's top drawing card.

Actually, Miami has ignored that area recently, rumored to be a result of the administration refusing to admit kids with questionable character or academics.

And creative resources? Listen, when Jon Gruden met with Miami, athletic director Kirby Hocutt recently, here were some demands:

If you're drinking something, put it down. Don't want you spitting it onto your keyboard. Even though we know Gruden never had any real interest in the job and Miami was just floating his name so it could attract attention to the position.

1. A $3.4 million salary.

Would double what Randy Shannon was making.

2. A $1 million salary for his brother, Jay, who would be the offensive coordinator.

More than double what current OC Mark Whipple is making.

3. A guarantee that if certain winning standards were met Jay would become his successor.

Seems fine if they were set high enough.

4. A private plane at his disposal for recruiting or anything else he wanted.

Keep in mind that Miami plays its Spring game at a high school.

No. 3 was a deal-breaker. It said Gruden really wasn't serious about the job. But Miami officials, who had no problem with the salary dollars, did wonder where they would get a private plane like that for Gruden.

Know how this idea that Miami had no problem with the money is mularkey? Look at the remaining candidates. If the Canes really have the ability to pay, they will go after and hire a top candidate, not a Randy Edsall.  I'm sure the program that is so poor it will soon play a road game at Toledo is suddenly flush with the cash to pay an A-lister.

Florida, you figure, simply would pass the hat among its Bull Gators to gift a twin-engine Cessna, if that was the only holdup.

Yes, which is why it is a much better job.

So no wonder Mississippi State's Dan Mullen pulled back on looking at Miami in the past week. No doubt, his former boss in Gainesville gave him the wink-wink. Would anyone be surprised if Gruden throws his scowl in the Florida ring, too?

Or could it be that he doesn't want pay cut or a 45-minute commute for his family?

Florida is one of the top five football jobs in America. Not college football. All of football. Miami, to be sure, is one of the top three in Florida. And it has only one apparent advantage over Florida that it can sell to candidates. Which is?

That you can coach there if you are a B-lister?

That's easy: Winning big is easier.

If Miami had Florida's resources, then it would be the best team in the ACC and perhaps the country.  But it doesn't.  And the Canes don't have a better chance to win the ACC than the Gators do to win the SEC.  

That's right. And that's not to say the incoming coach can't win at Florida. Meyer and Steve Spurrier laid blueprints in how to do it. As noted, the resources are there to do it again.

Blueprint:  get whatever the head coach asks for because you have more money than God thanks to citrus and sugar money.  

But if a coach wants to come in, and make an immediate impact, Miami looks the easier path. Miami has players to win big next year, thanks to Randy Shannon's recruiting.

But only for next year.  The Canes 30-man 2010 class was a complete disaster.  And the current class has only three recruits (ok, ok, four, but one won't qualify).  Whoever takes the Miami job may have a bit of immediate success, but 2012 and 2013 are really set up to be down.  

And is David implying that Miami has better players than UF?  Seriously?  UF has wiped the floor with Miami in recruiting over the last three years.

It also has the conference to win big in. The ACC, for all its shabby football, is Miami's best friend right now.

Except it has at least three programs more committed to winning than the Canes.  

See, to win big at Miami, you have to get by Virginia Tech and Florida State. That's really it. The rest of the conference consists of teams you don't want to stub your season on.

David may not know this since Miami has never made the championship game or won the division, but The Canes will need to beat Florida State twice.  So it should read "Virginia Tech, Florida State, and Florida State again."  That's to say nothing of the cold weather teams who beat the Canes when Miami travels, or the programs like Clemson, UNC, etc. who are just as committed to winning as UM.  

Plus, UF can lose a game and make the national championship, as it has done twice in the last five seasons!  Miami must be perfect.  This SEC mulligan effect is apparently ignored by David.

Compare that to the Southeastern Conference. Each week is a bear-hug with disaster. Georgia and Tennessee are down this year, and Florida couldn't get by South Carolina in its division. Of course, winning the division merely means playing the survivor of Alabama, LSU, Auburn or Arkansas for the title.

Can't argue this.  The SEC is a better conference than the ACC.  But then again, Miami's team relative to the ACC is probably worse than what UF's team will be relative to the SEC.  

Some time ago, and several years after he quit coaching altogether, I asked Jimmy Johnson what was the driving motivation for him to leave Oklahoma State to take the University of Miami job.

I would leave the Oklahoma State job for Miami back then too because T. Boone Pickens wasn't paying Johnson's salary.  

"I wanted a bigger hammer,'' he said.

Translation: I want to go to a place that will ignore the academics of my players, allow me to take gang members, defraud the Pell Grant system, and before the internet nobody will know how to contact or recruit the area around Miami.

That Miami no longer exists.  Our readers stationed in Afghanistan can watch local high school games broadcasted from the 305.

He was tired of getting beat by Oklahoma. He wanted a bigger program. Better players. Richer resources.

That doesn't describe Miami anymore.  Miami does have No stadium, no money, poor facilities, no fan support, academic/ behavioral restrictions on the kids you can take, making the Miami-Dade recruiting area less potent.  Oh, and Miami also has two major rivals in the state that are fully committed to winning and don't face those challenges.

That's why you hear people lining up for the jobs now. Florida can get whomever it wants, really. It is as big a hammer as there is in college football. But it goes against similar hammers, week after week.

Now might be a good time to mention that Florida plays three joke non-conference games and hasn't left the state for a non-conference game in more than 20 years.  Teams don't just play a conference schedule.  Teams must play a 12-game schedule, not an 8-game schedule.  

And know what it takes to schedule those automatic wins?  Money.  Miami doesn't have it.  Big-boy football programs do not play road games at Toledo.  The Canes next are giving up home games year after year for the considerable future because it doesn't have the money to afford a schedule made for winning.  

The big winner in this is Florida State. It whipped both Miami and Florida this year with its new coach, Jimbo Fisher. It now has an opening to recruit against empty chairs in Gainesville and Coral Gables that soon will be filled.

This is also wrong.  Florida State would much have preferred for Shannon and Meyer to stay and continue to do a poor job.  

Which job would you take?

The job with more resources than everybody but Texas that doesn't play its Spring game at a high school.  

For bigger money, for better resources, for perhaps the best college-town atmosphere in football, Florida is the easy choice.

Yes, arguably the best job in the country is a better choice than a job that doesn't crack the top twenty.

But if you want to win big, and win now, doesn't Miami look better?

To Uncle Luke and Yellow-Gold guy. 

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