Tough Shooting Night For Florida State in 77-67 Loss To Clemson Tigers

In their third game in six days, the Seminoles traveled to Clemson, South Carolina last night to play a tough Clemson team. In the early goings, it was a battle of the defenses, with neither team shooting well. Unfortunately, the shooting woes continued for the Seminoles who only shot 38% from the floor as a team. While this would have been a great game for the Seminoles to win, it wasn't a must win. In fact, many penciled this in as a loss before the season started.

Clemson went on a 9-0 run to start the game as the Seminoles struggled to get their shots to fall. It wasn't as if the Seminoles were getting bad looks at the basket either. Shot after shot rattled around the rim only to fall into the hands of the Tigers who were quick to move the ball up court. The Seminoles then went on their own 8-1 run to get back into the game half way through the first half. When the Seminoles showed signs of life on the offensive end, the threes started to fall for the Tigers and then it was a matter of playing catch up for the rest of the game.

The four factors chart and game flow tell the story of this game:




The Seminoles could and should have won this game had it not been for a poor shooting night. The inflated free throw rate for the Tigers is a result of persistent fouling in the last minutes of the game by the Seminoles.

Luke Loucks, coming off the bench, led the Seminoles with 15 points and six assists. Solomon Alabi scored 14 points and went eight for nine from the free throw line. However, the big man fouled out of the game. In fact, in the first half of the game, there were more fouls called than baskets made. Seminoles fans should be happy with the way the Noles broke the press for most of the game and the 20% TO% against a team that normally forces opponents into a turnover on 25% of their possessions.

Michael Snaer made his second straight start and scored 10 points in 25 minutes of game play. Snaer could have easily had more points, but he could not get anything to fall early in the game. There was also a very interesting moment in which Snaer missed a tough lay up in transition and was immediately yanked from the game and chastised by Leonard Hamilton, much to the confusion of Seminoles fans. Give Snaer the credit for hustling down the court and being in position to score. Snaer was playing well defensively and it is still perplexing as to why he was pulled.

Clemson had four players in double digits and shot 40% from beyond the arc and 76% from the free throw line, both very uncharacteristic stats. Potter and Young went a combined 7 for 12 from beyond the arc and helped the Tigers pull away from the Seminoles.

Now, the Seminoles get a few days rest as they return home to play Boston College on Sunday. Here are the current ACC standings from Ken Pomeroy. Keep in mind the Seminoles hold the edge over Georgia Tech and must now win their second game against Clemson.

Team Overall Conf Proj Pomeroy AdjO AdjD AdjT Next Game
Duke 20-4 8-2 13-3 .9794 2 122.7 1 87.7 15 67.6 180 Sat, vs 10 Maryland (W, 79-70, 81%)
Maryland 16-6 6-2 11-5 .9548 10 115.5 16 88.6 23 71.1 35 Sat, at 2 Duke (L, 79-70, 19%)
Wake Forest 17-5 7-3 10-6 .9081 36 107.5 81 88.1 18 71.0 39 Sat, vs 25 Georgia Tech (W, 71-69, 62%)
Virginia Tech 19-4 6-3 10-6 .9203 24 105.9 106 85.6 4 67.9 165 Sat, vs 51 Virginia (W, 64-58, 76%)
Virginia 14-7 5-3 8-8 .8768 51 111.2 42 93.8 71 62.9 319 Sat, at 24 Virginia Tech (L, 64-58, 24%)
Clemson 17-7 5-5 8-8 .9270 19 107.2 84 86.0 5 70.0 74 Sat, vs 57 Miami FL (W, 71-63, 80%)
Georgia Tech 17-7 5-5 8-8 .9202 25 108.5 71 87.7 14 70.7 52 Sat, at 36 Wake Forest (L, 71-69, 38%)
Florida St. 17-7 5-5 9-7 .9183 26 106.4 95 86.2 6 68.7 128 Sun, vs 68 Boston College (W, 71-62, 81%)
Miami FL 17-7 3-7 6-10 .8600 57 110.1 54 94.0 76 66.9 214 Sat, at 19 Clemson (L, 71-63, 20%)
Boston College 12-12 3-7 5-11 .8366 68 111.9 38 97.1 107 65.8 254 Sun, at 26 Florida St. (L, 71-62, 19%)
North Carolina 13-11 2-7 5-11 .8460 62 108.5 70 93.6 66 73.2 13 Sat, vs 81 North Carolina St. (W, 77-71, 73%)
North Carolina St. 14-11 2-8 4-12 .7964 81 108.6 69 96.4 101 66.5 229 Sat, at 62 North Carolina (L, 77-71, 27%)
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