Running Back Coach Eddie Gran a Major Upgrade for Florida State

Coach Eddie Gran (you should read that linked profile) is widely regarded as one of the best running back coaches in college football. When you combine his recruiting ability and his work as a special teams coordinator, there isn't anyone better. And he fit Florida State's needs to a "t".  Yesterday, Gran sat down for his meet and greet with the media.

Here's part two (video).

Thanks to, Andrew Carter of the Orlando Sentinel, and for providing video or recaps. 

From Andrew Carter's writeup for those who cannot listen:

-Gran said that it seemed like a perfect fit at Florida State. FSU needed a running back coach and a special teams coordinator, and what do you know, that's exactly Gran's line of work.

-Mentioned Florida State's pro-style offense as a selling point to recruits. Pointed out that nowadays so many teams run spread style offense, and how that doesn't help prepare players for the NFL. Said you can see now that there are articles being written about "certain individuals" who are making the transition from a spread offense to the pros.

-Another part of the philosophy? Turnovers. Or a lack thereof. Gran says that holding onto the ball is of paramount importance. "If you don't hold on to the football, you won't play," he said.

-Also, don't expect to see FSU's running backs running out of bounds to dodge tacklers. "We're not going to run out of bounds," Gran said. "If you run out of bounds, it better be because we're in a two-minute drill, or the head football coach told you to. Other than that, you'd better not be running out of bounds. You'd better be dipping your shoulder and you'd better have some crud in you."

And from the free story:  

"I've been fortunate to be around a lot of good staffs, and what we've done is we've evaluated well," said Gran. "I'm smart enough to know that great players make great coaches. You can be a part of... their nurturing, and you can develop them. But you've got to go and evaluate."

In what is his most heralded role, Gran will team with James Coley to recruit the hotbed of South Florida. According to Gran, he and coach Coley will mostly split up the region, with Coley taking West Palm Beach County and Gran taking Broward County. He said from there, they each take a part of Dade County based on local familiarity.

In his role with special teams, Gran mentioned the typical goals of minimizing penalties and changing field position. But he has been told he can chase those goals with the entire roster at his disposal.

"Our coverage team has to be relentless," said Gran. "I think it starts at the top. [Coach Fisher]'s made it perfectly clear to everybody on this football team that nobody is exempt, and that really excites me." Gran noted that he wants a 30-yard net minimum on punts.

When it comes to being a member of the Seminoles under Coach Fisher and himself, Eddie Gran has one central rule.

"You've got to be selfless." He said. "If you're a running back here and you get seven carries... then that's your role right now. Next year might be 22 carries, 15 carries. The next game might be 12 carries and you might be the guy. If you can't accept that, then you need to move on. That's my philosophy, and when I recruit a running back, he'll know that. You've got to be selfless for you to be successful, and for you to be able to have a winning program."

"In the fourth quarter, you don't want safeties and linebackers tackling you. That's the mentality. When people turn on the film, that's what they should see from the running back group from Florida State University."

Gran said the running backs will each take turns with the first-string offense when spring practice begins on March 16.

"We're going to find out who's the most productive," he said

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