How to comment like a Nole

Not that anyone wanted my opinion, but I posted most of this as a comment on AC's Chopping Block, and thought that maybe since I spend most of my internet time here, I should post it here as well.


There are certain things that set Nole fans apart from that fans of other programs, and I think some of that has been lost with the fallout from the past 5 or so years. The Bobby Bowden "forced" retirement made a lot of Nole fans very critical of the program and the administration, which is bad, because a lot of the fanbase was already very critical about the prgram and the administration because of Bobby's decisions over the last 9 years.


The point of this isn't to rehash that subject. We all have our opinion of what is/was right and wrong. The point is that a lot of us have acted out of character because of our emotions around the program, and it's coaches. Normally rational people do uncharacteristic things, like leave comments on websites that make Nole fans look bad. I accept the fact that everyone has an opinion, and I respect your right to have an opinion on anything you want to have an opinion about. I just ask this, please think before sharing your opinion.


Here is the comment I left on the Chopping Block:

Tomahawk Nation is awesome. AC is awesome. The Democrat's coverage is good too, most of the time. The rest are hit or miss, some I personally like (Scalp 'em and ChantRant), some I don't care for (not naming any names here).
Point is, you can choose to follow the Noles in different ways, depending on how in depth you would like to get, and how much you can put up with rival team's posters and/or degenerates. All I care about is that you follow the Noles, but also remember that we're all on the same team (with the exception of the obvious posters that seem to flock to every site). We all bleed garnet and gold...okay, maybe you don't bleed gold, but you pee gold, and that's close enough.
Leaving disparaging comments on anyone's blog (or website in general) is pretty lame, especially when you display your ignorance with those posts. I hope that the fans of FSU that actually attended the university wouldn't do that, because that is what sets us apart from the Gators and Canes fans. I know there are some instances where our fans show a complete lack of class, but in general our fans are more civil than most. Hopefully this mindset and tradition will rub off on our Nole brethren who are lacking class, and we can all represent our university and team with dignity, class, and honor.
Take pride in your team, and also the people who cover them, from the worst rip off subscription site to the best free site, whether it is a newspaper or a blog. AC, you do a great job covering the Noles, and most of us really appreciate the work that you do.
Go Noles!


We need to make sure that we respect the outlets covering the Noles, and realize that people consume media in different ways. Some people like getting the details, other prefer to get a high level view of what's going on. Don't assume that everyone has the same level of interest in the Noles that you do. Even on this site, there are people who want all the details, and there are people who just want the latest news.


Over the next couple of years, as our players find increasing success on the field, we're going to have a lot of new Nole fans (aka bandwagon fans). Some will leave in rough times, but some will become lifelong fans, just as many lifelong fans were made during the dynasty years. I almost feel it is our job to teach them how to demonstrate class in cheering on our team to victory.


Please help whenever you see an opportunity to show the Seminole traditions to fellow fans, whether it is our fan or that of another university.

It's a great time to be a Nole! Let's show people what Seminole Nation is all about.

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