Jimbo Fisher Press Conference News & Notes

I picked through Coach Jimbo Fisher's presser to find interesting notes.  Spring practice starts tomorrow.  There was a lot of fluff and coachspeak.

* Air Force begged out of its contract with FSU for the 2011 and 2012 games.  That's great news because FSU was going to drop them anyhow. This is great news.  Now FSU can schedule a home game that will make money for the program.  I suggest North Texas.  FSU's 2011 home schedule looks like this  Home - Oklahoma, Maryland, NC State, Miami, Virginia, easy win at home allowing program to make some money like every other major program does.    Away - Clemson, Florida, Wake Forest, Duke, Boston College.  Even adding 2 cupcakes, that is one of the nation's toughest schedules.

* Fisher is going to throw the entire playbook at the defense.  They will not be holding anything back and will roll with the players who are willing to put in the time to study and work hard.

* Ponder is throwing 130 balls per day and is his rehab is going very well.  He will participate significantly.

* Demonte McAllister will see time at both defensive end and tackle.  Fisher said he needs to get bigger no matter the position he plays.  Inexcusable not to maximize that frame.  McAllister in the 260s, he's a guy that is going to play inside and outside. We're going to get guys in different spots. Football is a situational game, it really has become that.

* Said Hicks was in the 250-260 range, a guy that can do multiple things, take his hand off the ground if he has to. But he is inconsistent right now with his effort, but he's getting there. Says he will be a good player off the edge as a DE with his hand on the ground, great lower body explosion.

* Said Brandon Jenkins was definitely that guy who can do a lot of stuff versatility wise, can definitely take his hand off the ground if he needs to (alluding to multiple fronts, and his future after college). Says he's going to be a great player but he needs to get bigger.

* Said that we are going to play with bigger DEs (duh!) "when you got a TE out there maybe 250, and you put a guy on top of him thats 270-280 and he can't block him and that guy can set the edge you know thats something that is really helpful."  That should end speculation over what coach Eliot said last week.

* JUCOs Debrale Smiley and Anthony "Amp" McCloud have both come in and got their body right. Guys are learning to eat, its nutrition, these guys don't eat and they are just learning that and getting in the weight room and learning to lift right too.

* When asked about using Bobby Bowden's tower, Fisher said no and that he would be coaching, on the field.  Seems to me like he thought the idea of standing in a tower and not coaching was ridiculous.

* The defense is getting the mental conditioning now just as the offense has the last two seasons, and the defense will now practice at a tempo equal to that of the offense.  And the tempo for both will increase from where it was last year.

* CJF is pleased that the guys are buying in to the 4th-quarter program. 

* The coaches will be working much longer hours, specifically the defensive coaches.

* As always, Fisher loves Rodney Smith and Willie Haulstead and expects them to have big off-seasons.

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