Judging Florida State's New Strength, Conditioning & Nutrition Program After 8 Weeks

Practice is cancelled for today due to inclement weather. Let's do something else.  Everyone knows Florida State's new Strength & Conditioning coach Vic Viloria is a great S&C coach.  We saw what he did at LSU and at SMU.  Let's see what he's done in his first 8 weeks at Florida State.  Since Seminoles.com will soon update its roster, we have little time left to look at the old rosters.  FSU now has a top level strength and conditioning program and the results are definitely showing.  The 'Noles have been focusing on leg work to build explosiveness and improve balance.  Remember that these numbers are two weeks old and some players have undergone significant changes.  I didn't list every player, but did get most.  If a player was injured this off-season I left him off or noted the injury in order to be fair to that player.  After only 8 weeks, some of these results will blow you away.  Keep in mind that the old weights were taken in last August.  Let's compare the old to the new:


  • Incredibly, considering he just underwent shoulder surgery, Christian Ponder gained 11 lbs, going from 217 to 228.  And he has only 7% body fat. 
  • Despite having shoulder surgery, E.J. Manuel is up 3 lbs, from 223 to 226.  I look for him to really pack on the muscle once his shoulder heals.
  • QB Will Secord made good use of his redshirt year, gaining 10 lbs from 204 to 214


  • Debrale Smiley showed up at about 250 and is now down to a rock-solid 235 lbs. 
  • Jermaine Thomas is holding steady at 190 lbs, though I'm told he is more ripped this year. 
  • Lonnie Pryor has gained 11 lbs from 195 to 206.  
  • Chris Thompson has put on 13 lbs, going from 173 to 186 lbs on his 5'8" compact frame. 
  • Ty Jones is up 8 lbs from 203 to 211.  He doesn't look fat either, which is good news.  Perhaps he can get up to 215-220 by Fall?
  • Tavares Pressley is up from 203 to 206 lbs.  He's always been very well put together.


This is an NFL-sized WR corps.

  • Jarmon Fortson is down 3 lbs from 226 to 223.  Anyone who has seen Fortson with his shirt off knows that there is no reason to worry with this guy.  He's still plenty big.
  • Bert Reed gained 2 lbs, up to 167 from 165 on his 5'10" frame.
  • Willie Haulstead is up 5 lbs from 210 to 215 on his 6'3" frame. 
  • Rodney Smith is up 12 lbs from 208 to 220 on his 6'6" frame.
  • A.J. Alexander is up 4 lbs from 180 to 184 and looks quite solid at 5'11"


Very impressed with the tight end group!  That was FSU's goal line issue if you believe it had one (and it had the best RZ offense in the last half decade of the ACC so I would suggest it did not and that it was a very rare failure). Now that should be fixed.

  • Beau Reliford is up 12 lbs from 241 to 253 lbs.  That's seriously impressive work.
  • H-Back Jabarris Little is up 13 lbs from 226 lbs to 238 lbs.  
  • Matt Dunham is reportedly up 3 lbs, but I believe FSU fudged his weight last year to spare the young man some embarrassment.  He's in exponentially better shape this year than last.

Inside, check out the rest of the positions including the crazy defensive back unit.


Some of the older guys don't need to get much bigger, but the improvements made by some are quite encouraging.  Many of these guys had off-season work and couldn't work out for a while.  Additionally, the running component often gets these guys slimmed up for Spring then they gain more over the summer.

  • Jr OT Andrew Datko has added 20 lbs to his 6'6 frame, going from 283 to 303!  It's amazing what happens with a healthy shoulder and proper nutrition.  
  • RsFr Henry Orelus is up 2 lbs from 292 to 294, but has dropped his body fat by some incredible number.  Gaining weight while dropping body fat means gaining muscle.
  • RsSo OT Antwane Greenlee is up 14 lbs from 293 to 307.  Really look forward to his continued progress as he could get really strong as he rehabs his knee. 
  • RsJr Center A.J. Ganguzza is down 3 lbs, from 268 to 265.  He's always been a bit soft and will likely add weight now that he is trimmed up.
  • RsSr Center Ryan McMahon is up 2 lbs from 282 to 284 lbs.
  • SO Guard/Center Blake Snider is up 1 lb from 282 to 283 lbs, but he's dropped bad weight.
  • Jr Guard David Spurlock, despite some off-season surgery is up from 285 to 286 lbs.  I expect him to blow up this summer.
  • RsFR Bryan Stork has added 24 lbs to his 6'4" frame, going from 260 lbs to 284 lbs.  That's not a typo.  I talked about him in the offensive line preview, but he has a bright future.

Defensive Line

  • Everette Dawkins is up 11 lbs from 258 last August to 269. 
  • Jamar Jackson is up 8 lbs from 240 to 248 lbs.
  • Brandon Jenkins is down 7 lbs from 241 to 234.  I wonder if he got sick?
  • Amp McCloud is down 25 lbs after showing up around 328.
  • Jacobbi McDaniel is up 9 lbs from 283 to 292 lbs.  He's definitely dropped some bad weight he had at the end of the season.
  • Markus White is now at 262 lbs, which is impressive and he is really doing a nice job in the weight room.


  • Nigel Bradham is up 6 lbs from 235 to 241 and he looks ridiculously cut.
  • Nigel Carr is up 1 lb from 230 to 231, but you'll remember that he came in out of shape last year.  Definitely more progress than a 1 lb gain.
  • Jeff Luc is a freak and weighs 249 lbs.
  • Vince Williams has bounced back from his back injury and checks in at a solid 252 lbs, up 7 from his 245 list last season.

Defensive Back

These guys bulked up a ton.  Should help in the zone scheme.

  • Dionte Allen is up 11 lbs from 172 to 183.  He's always been hampered by injuries and this gain is encouraging.
  • Gerald Demps is up 16 lbs! from 190 to 206.  Extremely impressive for the redshirt freshman.
  • JaJuan Harley is up 20 lbs from 190 to 210 lbs. 
  • Ochuko Jenije is up 7 lbs from 187 to 195. 
  • Nick Moody is officially down 2 lbs from 228 to 226 but I'm told he was heavier than 228 last year.
  • Terrance Parks is up 18 lbs from 196 to 212.  Wow.
  • Xavier Rhodes is up 14 lbs from 195 to 209!  Damn.
  • Greg Reid is the same size (175 lbs)

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