Seminoles Basketball Bracketology- End of Season

* I apologize for not updating last week. The Clemson loss depressed me so much that I was unable to understand basic math and statistics. However, the next two wins sparked the fire in me. For first time readers of my posts, this is simply a resume of our tournament odds. It serves to just give a visual for those that are not inclined to research the numbers themselves *

This is part seven of my weekly look at our NCAA Tournament resume. Just like last time let me explain a couple things about the chart:

The graph below is broken into three columns: teams we've already beaten, teams we've yet to play, and teams we've lost to.

You'll notice numbers beside each teams name. If a team's name is bold then that means they are projected by ESPN's Joe Lunardi as a tournament team. The number next to their name represents their corresponding tournament seed. If a team is not in bold then they are not projected as a tournament team. The number next to their name is their corresponding RPI ranking as per RealTimeRPI

[Note: I do not include the AP or Coach's Poll Rankings because they are not used by the selection committee making them obsolete in college basketball]


Wins: 22

Upcoming: 1

Losses: 8

(9) Marquette (Neutral)

(10) Clemson/#104 NC State

(1) @ Duke

(10) Wake Forest


(2) @ Ohio State

(10) Virginia Tech


(5) Maryland

(12) Georgia Tech


(5) @ Maryland

(12) @ Georgia Tech


(10) Clemson

# 85 @ North Carolina


(10) @ Clemson

#88 Iona (Neutral)


(11) @ Florida

#98 Alabama (Neutral)


#104 NC State

#106 Boston College



#106 @ Boston College



#123 Miami



#123 @ Miami



#134 Virginia



#140 Auburn



#141 Jacksonville



#176 Texas A&M CC



#220 @ Mercer



#247 Georgia State



#296 Florida Int’l



#327 Stetson



#330 Alabama A&M



#339 Tenn-Martin




Two items I’d like to start with: I’m unable to explain Joe Lunardi’s choice for us and our lack of votes in any polls.

1) Lunardi. I respect his bracket solely based on his past history. However, last week we were #8 in his bracket. We beat Wake and Miami and somehow fell to a 9 seed. I’ll let this go and  most brackets generally have us as an 8 seed (maybe 7.)

2) The polls. The exact reason why the NCAA selection committee omits the polls is exactly why I hate them: they are a complete farce. Feb 1 we were 26th. Since then all we’ve done is gone 7-3 in the best conference in the nation (per Pomeroy and many other stat websites.) Our only losses were to tournament teams. Yet, we have no votes. Not a single coach or member of the AP feels we are worthy of a top 25. Basically, these guys look at the previous week’s top 25 and shift their numbers accordingly. We get screwed every time somehow. However, as I always state, the AP and Coaches poll are completely irrelevant, but it is annoying to me.  

This was as good as an end to the season as we could’ve hoped for. If we get to the ACC finals again we’re looking at a 6 seed, maybe a 5. If we win out, we’ll be a 5 seed with an outside shot at a 4 which would be phenomenal. I’m still scared that we’ve yet to find a “go to guy.” We tried out Snaer a little bit but I’m not sure that he’s ready. I’m not exactly sure who we should make the “ go to guy.” Any thoughts?

For several weeks in a row I predicted 9-7 in the ACC. Fortunately we bested that. My new goal is Sweet Sixteen. Barring an 8 or 9 seed (which would yield us #1 seed in the second round) I think we’re capable of making out of our regional group. I’m proud of our team and proud to be an alum. Go Noles!

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