Analysis of the Elite Scouting Services Combine in Broward

Saturday was the Elite Scouting Services Combine in South Florida.  The combine took place at Cardinal Gibbons High School in Fort Lauderdale.

First, I want to thank Bud and Rays for the opportunity to cover the ESS combine. Second, I want to thank Fish and Josh of Elite Scouting for allowing me access to the players and coaches.  Third, I want to thank some of the coaches whom I met, including Ely's coach & former Miramar High coach Rodney Gray.  The coaches from Gulliver Prep were a big help on some the players I will keep an eye on this season.

The videos from the combine will be uploaded later as Elite Scouting Services have not uploaded their videos as of yet.

My day started with a quick warm-up before the kids ran 40s while some of the other early arriving kids were warming up for the Shuttle Run.

One of the founders of ESS asked me help with the 40 times.  I could not video everyone in the 40 because I was recording the times and organizing the kids to run the event.  I made the most of that opportunity because many of the local high school coaches begin to ask about times of other players.  So technically, this analysis is incomplete due to the 2 1/2 hours running the 40 drills.  I was not able to walk around to speak to as many kids as I would have liked.  Most of the quick interviews were taken while the kids were in 40-yard dashes.

Inside, I have notes on some of the camp standouts.

* - 40 and/or 1 on 1s video

*Cedric Walker '11 (Gulliver Prep) DB/RB

4.39 (40)  33.3" (vertical)  3.0 GPA


*Courtney Moshood '11 (La Salle) ATH

4.41 (40)  34" (vertical)


Good hands, quick feet, team player and competitive.  While running the 40, he asked us what he was doing wrong so that he could improve even though he is a track guy and already had great form running the 40.  In between runs he would coach the other runners on how to run better.  In the 1 on 1s, he played CB and WR.  The 1 on 1s video show that he has great recovery speed while playing CB and great hands as WR.

Schools Considering:  FIU, FAU, Kentucky, UCF

Caylin MacBeth '11 (American) RB/DB  4.47 (40)  5'9" 175

Ran quick precise routes.  Good hands and able to get off of press coverage. 

Schools considering: Kansas State

*Antonio Harris '12 (South Broward) DB  4.56 (40) 5'10" 175 29.9" (vertical)

Antonio will be highly recruited in the coming two years.  He is a member of the South Florida Express (SFE) 7 on 7 team as a sophomore (1 of 4) with teammates Teddy Bridgewater, Tacoi Sumler and Ryan Shazier.  As a DB he has excellent closing speed and great hips.  He turns his body very well to make plays on the ball and/or receiver.  By my count he had 3 pass breakups while I was watching.   Look for him to be offered by FSU.

He is receiving calls from many D1 schools especially in the state.

*Preston Fuller '11 (Westminster) DT/OL  5.18 (40)  6'4" 258lb  2.5 GPA


He is a better defensive lineman than an offensive lineman.  According to Larry Blustein of the Miami Herald, he considers Fuller a Sleeper until the season starts.  He also stated that Preston competed very well against some of the Elite Offensive linemen at the Miami Nike Combine a few weeks ago.  I agree with Larry.  This kid has the body to gain another 25+ pounds and play the 3 technique at the next level.

*Jovani McCray '11 (South Dade) QB

6-0, 175

Jovani is a dual threat quarterback with an average arm.  He was accurate on the shorter routes but he strugged with the medium to intermitted routes.  The unfamiliar receivers and wind did not help but he got the ball there.

He considers FSU his top 3 but FSU has not offered.

*Ghierry Vander Kuyp '12 (Boyd Anderson)  QB

5.1 (40) 6-3, 180


Live arm, accurate and a team player.   He threw very well with the wind in his face & I felt he was the best QB at the combine.  In the 1 on 1s video, you will see how accurate he was with the ball.  Very few balls hit the ground when he was passing.  He throws one of the best deep balls for a 2010 Junior.  He is a coach on the field.  After each throw he would communicate with the receiver on what he saw and congratulate them on a good catch.  This kid will get a lot of offers if he stays healthy.

*Kevin Pubien '11 (Blanche Ely) OL/DL  6'3" 225

Very Competitive!  He pushed himself to get better the Pit drills.  I did not see the nastiness that Trickett likes but I did see the heart to try and get better.  He tried to compete against a couple of 300+ pound lineman and he held his own but at times he was blocked out of the pit or taken down to the ground.  I plan to see more of this kid when I go to the Spring Game of Ely vs Carol City.


While many of these kids will not get a Florida State offer, these camps provide an excellent opportunity for young men to get exposure and possibly land a college scholarship.  Plus, some of these kids could blow up and turn into a big prospect for a Florida State or a Miami.

Look for the videos later this week!

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