7 Ways To Help the Christian Ponder for Heisman Campaign



The Christian Ponder for Heisman madness has trapped all Noles fans. There's some great things going on out there to help Ponder's case, and all of them you can help out with. Here's 7 ways to help #7:


1. Visit You can see some awesome videos of Ponder, see the latest news on Christian, as well as Ponder's bio, tweets, music, and other stuff. As well as the awesome feature of making your own Ponder for Heisman wallpaper. Definitely check out this website. Visit the site here.


2. Follow @CP7forHeisman on Twitter. They are leading the Ponder for Heisman campaign for hundreds of Noles fans on Twitter, and getting his name out there for thousands of others. They are one of the most powerful forces in the campaign, and every click of "Follow" or "Retweet" for them makes them even more powerful, helping out Christian. This is a huge way to help the CP7 for Heisman campaign. Follow them here.


3. Become a fan of Christian Ponder for Heisman on Facebook. This is another very powerful way to help out the campaign. But more important then just becoming a fan, suggest the page to all your Seminole friends. Sooner or later, the page will be overwhelmed with fan support. Become a fan here.

4. Add the Christian Ponder for Heisman twibbon to your Twitter profile image. If you don't know what a Twibbon is, it's a little picture that goes in the corner of your Twitter (or Facebook) profile image, showing you support the cause. Another really cool way to support the campaign. Add the twibbon to your profile image here.


5. This way really isn't that important, but all Seminole fans won't mind doing it. ESPN released a poll to all fans, titled, "Who Is The Best Quarterback In The Nation?" to see, well, exactly what the title says. Ponder is one of the fifteen candidates to choose from. He's super close to 1st place. Vote him 1st, it will only take a minute. Vote here.


6. When the Seminoles aren't playing on Saturday this upcoming season, tune into a Stanford, Washington, Arkansas, or Oregon State game. It only helps Ponder's push for Heisman if the other Heisman contenders, Jake Locker (Washington), Andrew Luck (Stanford), Ryan Mallet (Arkansas), or Jaquizz Rodgers (Oregon State) aren't performing well.


7. Attend or watch the FSU games this season, and cheer hand for Ponder and the Seminoles. Because, face it, no matter how much campaigning we do, Ponder has to perform on the field if he wants a chance to win it.


I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope you use some of these ways! Go Noles!

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