How Did You Find Tomahawk Nation?

In the midst of enjoying Bud’s recent posts triggering Nole nostalgia amongst many TN members, it made me think about how great this community is, and how unknowingly lucky I was the first time I came across the brilliance that is Tomahawk Nation.  

I remember it was the Monday post-Jacksonville St. I couldn’t come to grips with where the football team was identity-wise. Actually, in hindsight it was more likely my identity I was in search of.

There was a lot of speculation on the play of the offense, the ‘football hangover’ following the short week after Miami, and the frustration of many fans that wondered when this team would ever turn the corner. Too many “one play, one player” coach-isms, too many hissy fits on other sports boards, where game breakdown and review reeked of the same banality and blah that I heard from those leading the team.

Enough, I thought. I was upset too; and I guess more than anything else, just in need of a fresh start.

So I searched for a BYU game breakdown on the Googletron 4000 and low-and-behold the first hit was from a site called Noticing that it was a member of SBN I immediately gave it some credibility, having already been a member of Bleedcubbieblue for three years. But I needed to see more.

Let me just say my first impression was mind-boggling. In-depth video and still frame play breakdowns, position by position tendencies and weaknesses, mathmecharts galore!?!?!?! How was I allowed to be privileged to information that I thought only coaching staffs and select media had a right to?

See for yourself, its pretty darn impressive:

And it just continued from there, with in-depth analysis of events related to the university programs, an ‘outsiders ‘perspective that didn’t hold back any information for the sake of the players and coaches, dedicated and knowledgeable members that not only drive innovative discussion but also redirect their frustrations into positive solutions, a little something for those who like to play with game lines on the side, and even freakin’ up-to-date weather reports for each game!

FSUncensored Bud & Co. has created a great community here, and I just thought I’d share with all the first time I stumbled along the awsometasticillishness of Tomahawk Nation.

So, was your first trip to TN as memorable?

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