My Projected Defensive Depth Chart vs Samford (Opening Day)

Here's my projected depth chart.  I don't think Joyner starts his FSU career at CB instead I think he starts at FS. 



2010 Defense 1st Game

SDE  Markus White  6-4 270
Dan Hicks 6-4 260
Bjoern Werner 6-4 270
White finally gets back to his natural position and has added the appropriate amount of weight to maintain containment but still has enough of a motor to rush the QB.
NG Jacobbi McDaniel 6-0 295
Moses McCray 6-2 302
Anthony McCloud 6-2 303
DT Everett Dawkins 6-2 285
D. McAllister 6-2 275
Anthony McCloud 6-2 303
The lineup at DT and NG will be adjusted per opponent or situation.  McDaniel will play some DT with either McCray or McCloud at NG.  McAllister is a pure gap shooter at heart so I would expect to see a lot of him in passing situations.  He be a tough block at his new weight.  
WDE Brandon Jenkins 6-3 245
T. Stevens 6-3 240
Darius Cummings 6-3 250
Brandon Jenkins has to be a star in 2010, for us to make the leap forward some are projecting.  White has not shown the ability to get to the QB but Brandon has flashed.  Jenkins' additional size will allow him to be an every down player which should put him in a position to make the splash we need.  Stevens extra weight makes him the first player off the bench.  I don’t think Cummings will get that many snaps outside of garbage time but will provide pretty good depth in the case of injury.
WILL Nigel Bradham 6-2 245
Vince Williams 6-0 250
Christian Jones 6-4 230
MIKE Kendall Smith 6-0 240
Vince Williams 6-0 250
Jeff Luc 6-0 250
SAM Nigel Carr 6-2 240
Mister Alexander 6-2 235
Telvin Smith 6-3 210
Everyone is hoping for big things out of the LBs next year for obvious reasons.  We lose Watson but most feel Bradham and Carr improved play will make up for the loss.  Bradham, Carr and Smith give us a very talented core with several wildcards in Alexander and Williams.  Alexander is the most physically gifted player on the squad but has yet to really find a home.  While Williams was one of the most highly recruited MLB in the nation a few years ago but is coming off a serious injury.  We have great extended depth with Luc, Jones and Smith but I don't expect them to see significant time unless there is a serious injury at the two-deep.
FC Greg Ried 5-9 185
Dionte Allen 5-11 183
Mike Harris 6-0 185
BC Xavier Rhodes 6-1 209
Ochuko Jenije  5-11 195
Mike Harris 6-0 185
SS Nick Moody 6-2 226
Jajuan Harley  6-2 210
Gerald Demps 5-10 200
FS Terrance Parks 6-1 196
Lamarcus Joyner 5-8 180
Justin Bright 6-0 180
Ried and Rhodes seem to have won the starting jobs in the spring but may still face some competition from Jenije and Allen both of which seem to fit a zone scheme.  The coaches are going to want to get Joyner on the field and the easier spot for him to get on the field is FS.  Ried and Rhodes are both underclassmen and the chances of Joyner taking either spot are pretty slim right now.  His ability to both cover and tackle, could really add a nice addition safety wise.  It also adds pressure to Parks due to the concern that Harley doesn't have the hips to cover.  

Couple of additional questions

1. Which segments do you think are going to be weaker next year then last?   Right now, I’m don’t think there is a segment that would weaker when you consider scheme.  Talent wise it’s tough to replace a Robinson at corner.

2. Who do we need to have a breakout year?  Brandon Jenkins

3. Who is your darkhorse for Defensive MVP? Brandon Jenkins

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