2011 Recruiting Discussion Thread #7 [CLOSED]

Welcome to the recruiting discussion thread.  Please refer to the Recruiting Board for information on prospects.  We are asking readers comment here instead of the recruiting board so that the recruiting board will load quicker.  Feel free to talk recruiting news, rumor, information, etc.  Amateurs and experts are all welcome.  No question is too simple.  Have a projected class?  That's fine as well.

Once this thread fills up, we will start a new one.  

Also, please don't fish for information from subscription websites.  Violators will be banned from this thread.


  • OL Bobby Hart commits to Florida State. 07.16.10.
  • 2012 DB PJ Williams commits to Florida State. 07.24.10.
  • Removed DE Ricardo Williams, OL Mike Matulis, DT Chavis Atkins, DB Cortez Davis. 08.12.10.


1. Are the five-star Texas RB considering FSU?
Somewhat, but FSU seems to be outside looking in.  We know FSU is in their top four both, but we don't buy the hype. Malcom Brown will most likely go to Texas, and Aaron Green will likely join his cousin at Nebraska. New article suggests that both still have FSU in their top four. Credit Coach Eliot for his Texas connections getting FSU's foot in the door.  If they decide to officially visit, we will add them to the board.
2.  Will FSU take 2 WRs now instead of just Rashad Greene?
This is tricky.  FSU is loaded at wide receiver and doesn't need to take another.  FSU could have as many as 13 wide receivers in 2011.  That's more than optimal and is not a good use of finite resources (85scholarships).  However, this answer likely depends on the future of Jarmon Fortson (could go pro early), Taiwan Easterling (baseball, but when?), and Cam Wade (don't see many non-contributing 5th-year seniors on the roster).  The coaches will be in the best position to determine this, and we are not going to second guess their move here.

08.11.10 update: Still not sure. The recent release of Jarmon Fortson makes the chances of a second WR coming more likely. Andre Davis, WR from Jefferson High School, has been quoted as saying that FSU is open to a second WR. Only time will tell.
3. What's up w/ Tony Steward?

Steward camped at Clemson over the weekend.  Clemson is in desperate need of linebackers because its current crop lacks both quality and numbers.  Plus, Steward's idol is Ernie Sims, who was coached by Clemson LB coach Kevin Steele.  Steward named Clemson his leader following the camp.  Despite this, we are confident in FSU's position with him.  Steward is very respectful and has said good things about everyone.  Clemson will be an underdog in 5-7 games this season and it would be hard to see them land the top LB prospect in the nation from out of state while finishing with 5 or 6 losses.  While we are mindful that Clemson can promise him an immediate starting job playing for Ernie Sims' former coach while FSU cannot (FSU is loaded with linebacker talent), we think FSU is in good position at the present time and that FSU's position will only improve from here.  It will really depend on whether the kid prefers immediate playing time or the better program.

08.01.10 update. Tony Steward visited FSU over the weekend. FSU is now back in the lead with Clemson. Some say FSU, some say Clemson. Tony Steward claims he's going to wait till NSD, but most believe it'll be sooner than that. Many believe that he hates the recruiting process.
4. What's up with James Wilder, Jr.?
James, five-star of Plant High School, is down to Florida and Florida State. Most believe that Wilder's best position in college in linebacker. However, James would like to play running back in college. For most of his recruitment (kind of talent that gets recruited heavy even as a HS freshman), he's been a Gator lean. However, Florida State came right up on the Gators back in July. James plans to announce on television with four-star Nick Waisome, Wednesday, August 18th his school of choice.

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