Lack of FSU attendence


Hello all my fellow seminole fans. First of all, I'd like to say I'm absolutely stoked that we have a month until the season finally begins. I'm a Junior at FSU and I cant wait to be back in that student section. However, there is something that has been bothering me ever since I became a student at FSU, and that's attendence.

I decided to post this post today after reading about how Oklahoma was able to sell out their single game tickets to the FSU-OU game in a blink of the eye. It got me thinking.... Why can't Doak sell out its tickets in a matter of minutes or hours?

FSU obviously plays a good enough home schedule to sell out a couple of its games very quickly. The Miami game and Florida game didn't even officially sell out the last couple of years and we had plenty of help from their fans who bought away tickets to the game. So the lack of a quality opponent isn't the problem.

Sometimes there could be a problem with the size of the fanbase. Well I know this definitely isn't the problem. I live in Tampa when I'm not in Tally for school and I see a large amount of FSU fans down here. I just got back from a cruise yesterday and while I was on the ship, I saw many FSU fans wearing FSU attire, far more than UF fans. My point is we all know that FSU has a huge fanbase so lets eliminate that issue.

Another potential problem could be the price of games during these economic times. Well tickets to the FSU home games average around $50 per game. On the Oklahoma website, tickets for the FSU-OU game started at $87. I looked around at other elite programs websites and most of their tickets are more expensive than ours and yet they still sell out their games.

So that leads me to believe its a mixture of 2 things that are preventing Doak from selling out games.

1) Location of FSU  2) Lack of wins

I find both of those reasons unexcusable. First of all, FSU only plays 6 or 7 home games per year. There are highways and interstates out there. Hop onto the interstate and you can be in Tallahassee within 4-5 hours unless you live in south florida. You can't say making that drive 6-7 times a year is too much. I was able to do that my freshman year with no problem. PLus when you include the student section, im sure over 1/3 of the stadium is from Tallahassee anyways. If you say its too expensive staying at a hotel, just imagine how costly it would be if the tix at Doak were the same price as other elite stadiums or if we played the same number of games as the NFL.

Second of all, the lack of wins is the worst excuse ever. If you are a true fan, you go to the games reguardless of record. Besides, FSU has been to a bowl game nearly 30 years in a row now so it's not like we've been finishing the year with only 5 wins. Take Michigan for example: They've been having worse seasons than FSU lately and they still sit 100,000+ to each game.

So PLEASE, somebody please tell me why can't Doak sell out its games quicker and more frequently???

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