Ran across this today and did not see it posted anywhere, it definitely has some great information on Ponder's NFL potential. I think hits the nail on the head in all the right places. You can find this and more stories HERE.



By Greg Beckman

Below is a scouting report, on Christian Ponder, using the Blesto Scouting Service scale of 1-5.  For those of you that do not know Blesto, they are a scouting service that some NFL teams use as a secondary scouting service for the NFL draft.  The report is also based on a report that they would use in terms of the categories grades.  A grade between 1.0-1.19 would be a first round pick.  1.2-1.29 or so would be a 2nd round pick.  So on and so forth.  I grade Ponder a 1.16, putting him in the lower 3rd of the first round.  This being the pre-season before his senior year, this certainly could change.  What brings him down a bit is the question of his durability, his size (which is probably going to register under 6’ 3") and his TD/INT ratio.  The ratio did improve in 2009, but was still not at the elite level.  If he can complete a full-season and have a 3-1 or even 4-1 or better ratio, this grade should improve.

NAME: Ponder, Christian                     COLLEGE: Florida State    POS: QB
HEIGHT: 6026            WEIGHT: 227
40 SPEED:  HI: 4.75 LOW: 4.68 AVG: 4.72                  TEST SCORE: 38

Quickness, Agility, Balance:  1.1
Quick Feet:  1.0
Flexibility: 1.1
Coordination: 1.1

SECTION COMMENTS: Ponder has outstanding quickness and agility.  His ability to process his thinking into moving may be the best for any quarterback in the draft.  He has the fastest short shuttle time out of any player at FSU.  Although there are faster QB’s in the draft for straight speed he should be #1 when it comes to quickness and agility.  His ability to make plays with his feet shows us his elite athletic ability at the position.

Toughness: 1.1
Clutch Play: 1.1
Production: 1.3
Consistency: 1.2
Team Player: 1.0
Pride/Quit: 1.0

SECTION COMMENTS:  Ponder will play hurt, as evidenced in the 2009 Clemson game when he played with a rib injury.  His production has improved over time.  He is an elite team leader and takes exceptional pride in everything he does on and off the field.  All the intangibles about leadership and competitiveness are there.  TD to INT ratio needs to improve.  (29/22 for FSU Career) It is okay, but needs to be better. 

Learn/Retain:  1.0
Instincts/Reaction:  1.3
Focus: 1.1

SECTION COMMENTS: Ponder will be as good as it gets when it comes to learning and retaining football information.  He will be able to learn an NFL playbook quickly.  Quicker than most.  However, he is a player that must know a system inside and out and plays within the system.  He will not play a lot on instincts.  His reaction time will improve as his comfort level with his knowledge of a system improves.  He can transfer thought to movement very quickly, it is the thought that will take some time to be automatic in a full-speed football situation.  He is not a naturally instinctive football player.  His focus is outstanding.  Academics proves this.

Body Type:  1.4
Durability: 1.6
Explosion: 1.2
Play Strength: 1.2

SECTION COMMENTS: Ponder does not have prototypical size and strength for the NFL but has worked very hard to get himself to an adequate place body wise.  His durability is in question after missing the last 4 games in 2009 with the shoulder injury.  Explosion is excellent as proven by his shuttle time.  Play strength continues to improve as he gets stronger. 

TECHNIQUE:  1.2 – not elite quickness in release but more than adequate
ARM STRENGTH:  1.4 – Relies on accuracy more than arm strength, but adequate
CONVERT %: 1.2 – Outstanding a picking-up big chunks of yards
2nd LIVES: 1.1 – Quickness and agility will buy him extra time
ACCURACY SHORT: 1.0 – Best in the draft
ACCURACY LONG: 1.1 –  Elite accuracy in the mid-range passing attack, but relies on timing, not arm-strength
ACCURACY ON MOVE: 1.1 – Has proven he can throw on the run as well as any in the draft
BIG PLAYS: 1.1 – Accuracy helps receivers create yards after the catch
UNDER PRESSURE: 1.1 – Will stand in pocket and take the hit, will create time with elite feet in pocket
POISE/LDRSHP: 1.0 – Best in the draft
READ DEFENSES: 1.2 – Needs to improve to be an elite QB.  Will need time to develop in a system to become elite.  But still better than most.
ERRORS: 1.1 – Has drastically cut down on errors as he has become more comfortable in the system.

Size: 1.5 – Lacks ideal size at under 6030
Strength: 1.4 - Adequate strength
Play Speed: 1.4 – Needs time to develop and completely understand system
Athletic Ability: 1.1 – Outstanding for a QB
Competes: 1.0 – Elite

OVERALL:  Ponder, if given time to develop can become an elite QB in the NFL due to his unparalleled accuracy in the short and mid-range passing game.  He has adequate but not top-end arm-strength, however, his accuracy makes-up for it.  His intelligence is probably the best in the 2011 draft among QB’s and his team leadership and poise are also unmatched.  His work-ethic, athletic ability and accuracy – despite elite size and arm-strength – will allow him to be successful as a starting QB in the NFL.

So what do you think? Does Ponder have what it takes to be an elite NFL QB? Do you think his success is truly due to his hard work in a given system? How much of an impact will his performance this year affect his current perception to NFL CEO's? Hopefully this will be a year to remember.

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