Florida State Seminoles News & Notes 08.24.10

The 'Noles had the day off yesterday so there is very little to report from Tallahassee.  Let's take a spin around the ACC and FSU's schedule.

Here's a great interview with Mickey Andrews.  Awesome stuff.

FSU running back recruit Eric Beverly, who tore his ACL in Spring ball, is still intent on playing for FSU despite the recent commitments of James Wilder Junior and 4* Devonta Freeman.  Have to admire the kid's determination.  

Big feature on Christian Ponder in the USA Today.  Nice work.

Boston College lost wide receiver Colin Larmond Jr. for the season to a leg injury.  Who?  Larmond was BC's only returning receiver of consequence.  It's not at all a stretch to say that Boston College has the worst receiving corps in the league.  Of the 2423 receiving yards from last season, only 576 return.  However, as BCInterruption points out, the Eagles have recruited the position better in recent years, and will increase their use of two-TE packages as they have two good tight ends.  

Speaking of wide receivers, AJ Jones of Fox Sports rates FSU's receiving corps 5th.  That's fair and I could make a good argument for the 'Noles being anywhere from 3rd to 7th in what is a loaded ACC group of wideouts.

Wake Forest named Ted Stachitas its starting quarterback.  As you remember, Wake is switching back to the spread-option attack.  All the quarterbacks in the derby were good runners, but Stachitas was the best passer and had the best commandof the offense.  He played for Nease HS in Jacksonville.  The ACC Journal has 4 thoughts on Wake.  Here's one:

Lines a worry: Grobe has said repeatedly that this is the fastest team he's ever had. But September will start to tell the story of whether the lines can clear the way for that speed to operate.
The biggest concern on offense is left tackle.  Dennis Godfrey appears to have won the job, but despite being a redshirt junior, he has almost no experience. His career has been beset by legal issues, injuries, weight problems (he's still 10 pounds over what the coaches want) and simply not knowing the offense. He spent his first two years on defense.  Godfrey is backed by redshirt freshman Steven Chase, who looked good in the spring but also had moved from defense.
Meanwhile, the middle of the defensive line was not impressive in August, and the Deacons don't have a talented big body to clog things up. Several players in the rotation are in the 250-pound range.
Grobe said they're getting knocked back to the linebacker level too often. He may try an approach he's used on the o-line in the past: rotate a lot of players, so while they might not be the fastest or strongest, they're fresher than their foes.

This Miami writer has a nice take with the guys from FootballOutsiders.  I have to send them my questions and have completely goofed in doing so until now.  

Clemson loses LB Scotty Cooper.  He was a backup and as always ShakinTheSouthland is on the case with analysis and not fluff.

PreSnapRead has looks at both Miami and Florida.  He wonders if 9-3 will be enough for Miami.  It really should be as the Canes, like the 'Noles, play 5-6 ranked teams including several in the top 10.

Chantrant.com contributor TomRob has a preview of Virginia.  Excellent work as always.

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