Florida State's 6 Defensive Tackles Are 110 Pounds Bigger Than Last Season


Defensive Tackle
2009 2010
Mincey 275 "Graduated"
Stewart 267 Graduated
Thacker 270 Graduated
Dawkins 258 283
McDaniel 287 297
McCray 300 Injury
McCloud JUCO 303
McAllister 258 (redshirt) 282
Cummings Recruit 289
Erving Recruit 297
AVG 276 291

Back in July when we did our "Size Matters" series, we speculated how big FSU's defensive linemen and linebackers would end up at the conclusion of the off-season program.  And considering our guesses factored in projected losses that typically occur during Fall camp, we were really close.  Jimbo Fisher talked after practice the other day about the strength gains FSU made this off-season and in particular he discussed the defensive tackles.  The chart at right shows the updated weights of the defensive tackles, per Fisher, compared to the numbers for last year.

For purposes of the chart, I did not include players who redshirted last season or who project to redshirt this season in the averages.  That means McAllister was not included in the 2009 average and Cam Erving, who I project to redshirt this year, is not in the 2010 average.  If I included Erving the number would actually increase, so not having him in helps to eliminate the idea that the numbers are inflated by including players who will not play much this season.

More than 18 lbs per man, or 110 lbs total.  That is an extremely impressive change in defensive tackle bulk.

FSU fans are certainly happy to see Demonte McAllister gain 22 lbs since Spring ball ended.  Whatever motivational or health issues he was battling are obviously not winning out anymore.  And Dawkins' impressive 15 lb gain since Spring has been well documented.

One thing to watch here is Moses McCray's knee.  McCray is not projected to be a starter, but he is being counted on to provide quality depth.  We'll be monitoring his knee tweak closely to make sure it doesn't turn into something else.

We also know per sources that Brandon Jenkins is over 250 lbs and Dan Hicks is around 260.  Fisher also said Vince Williams was 243 and is moving better.  Looks as is Williams has trimmed some of that weight off that he added after the back injury. 

Other Scrimmage Notes:  Redshirt Freshman sensation Xavier Rhodes was working as the first team cornerback opposite Greg Reid.  The other major competitor for the job worked some at Safety.  I wouldn't read too much into this just yet, as coach Stoops is likely trying to make sure he has guys who can play multiple situations in case of injury or depth concerns.  Mike Harris also worked at Boundary corner with Rhodes.  Everyone raved about Christian Jones and had a few nice comments about Vince Williams.  Mister Alexander was noticeably larger and came on some blitzes, even beating Lonnie Pryor, and Pryor is pretty dependable.  The overall message, however, was much bigger the defensive front looked.

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