We need to focus on the development of our players...

I agree with sticking behind Jimbo because of the new philosophies/processes he's implemented but god forgive us if you can't recognize a true concern for how our O doesn't show-up during certain games on Saturdays (Jacksonville State, USF).  There is no way OU's D should have been able to manhandle our O as they did. 

And of course the biggest comeback you continually hear on these boards is that OU has better talent than us?!?  That excuse is getting old, it's not our talent, it's the development of our talent!!!  Have we ever been outrecruited by TCU, Boise St., Utah or anyone else for that matter in the past several years - the resounding answer is NO.  But yet any of those teams would have been able to score on OU much more than we did with far inferior talent than us (Boise St. proved that beating OU in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl).  Or better yet, imagine what would happen if we had to play a TCU or Boise St - the reason they are so good is that Peterson and Patterson develop their players and have great game plans going in...

Let's look at the past few years of recruiting, which i'm sure you all are familiar with (source: rivals):

Final recruiting class rankings:

2006 - OU 9th best class, FSU 3rd best class

2007 - OU 14th best class, FSU 21st best class

2008 - OU 6th best class, FSU 9th best class

2009 - OU 13th best class, FSU 7th best class

2010 - OU 7th best class, FSU 10th best class

Our issue is strictly player development and not the level of talent.  I'm sure Mark and Greg will drastically improve and develop our D as they've proven in the past with EC and AZ but we've got to get more consistent on O and not have these "down" games.  Our offensive issues were due to lack of a great game plan and poor play by all.

The last thought is our team's arrogance and "big play" mentality...  Hopefully Jimbo can nip this in the bud with G5 (we've all acknowledged how terrible he was at almost everything) and a couple of others.  You don't talk trash when you're losing by 30 and getting burnt up and down the field (you don't see that with any of the good programs). 

Final thoughts - as Bud constantly alludes to, this is a rebuilding year.  Don't get your hopes up but enjoy the ride because we should only get better considering all the changes Jimbo and staff have made this year!!!  Remember, it's ok to verify what is going on with the program by questioning some of the decisions but we should also trust what is going on behind the scenes by our coach!  I know Jimbo isn't a proven coach but he has connections to coaches that are (Saban, Stoops and Bowden), so let's give him the reigns to do this his way and reap the rewards in a couple of years. 

On a side note - if you don't like to see us lose, keep alcohol handy to drown your sorrows (works for me).

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