Monday Morning Tomahawks 9.13.10: FSU-OU Animated Drive Chart & League Notes

We'll have an extensive game review as the week moves on.  For now, here's the animated drive chart and some links to catch you up on the weekend of action.  I will say that after a quick look at some OU highlights, the pass rush was not a major issue (OU had the ball out in two or fewer seconds on almost all of its passing plays).  



Myerberg On The FSU Loss (Excellent breakdown. Read it)
Is FSU rebuilding or retooling? What should FSU fans have expected out of this team going into Norman

OU in Review: Allen Kenney (Blatant Homerism) breaks down the OU win
The Oklahoma Sooners' 47-17 victory against the Florida State Seminoles on Sept. 11, 2010, was impressive, but it shouldn't have been unexpected..

Defending the Zone Read Option - Shakin The Southland
Defending the Zone Read Option. Tremendous work here by Dr. B and it is something FSU fans need to read as the 'Noles' next two opponents have been running this play with some regularity.

The ACC's Michael Kelly said more than 40,000 tickets have already been sold for the Dec. 4 game at... - BC Interruption
This is a very good development, considering two of the Coastal Division contenders with the closest geographic proximity to Charlotte -- Virginia Tech and North Carolina -- are currently in meltdown mode.

Boston College 26, Kent State 13: Eagles Win Despite Inconsistent O-Line Play - BC Interruption
Brian: I was able to watch BC's 26-13 win over Kent State streaming on my laptop, so perhaps I missed something while watching. The biggest question I had coming out of watching the Kent State win was where was the offensive line? Having only watched it once, the offensive line stunk for a good part of Saturday's game. They couldn't open up holes for Montel Harris and the Eagles run game, and gave Shinskie and Marscovetra (for the two drives he played) very little time. Shinskie was also hurried quite a bit and was sacked twice in the game. What did you see from the Eagles offensive line on Saturday? Jeff: I saw Kent State players running right at our quarterback or running back untouched and I was not happy. If it happens a few times during the game then it's no big deal and you expect Harris to just try to get back to the line or Shinskie to quickly get rid of the ball and try to make something happen on the next play, but on Saturday it was happening far too often. That might have been the cause of the first fumble by Shinskie that we really can't blame on him. He had no chance of seeing the player nor should he have expecting to be hit so quickly after snapping the ball. Then there were countless other plays that Montel Harris had nowhere to run or Shinskie was forced to throw off of his back foot because he couldn't step into his throw. It was a tough day for the O-line. You didn't miss anything.

Very bad news for FSU's division title hopes:  Virginia Tech lost its starting defensive tackle for the season to an ACL.  FSU needs VT to beat BC (due to BC's schedule they only have a few loseable games).  BC gets VT at home and with a bye week to prepare.  VT just lost to James Madison.  

FSU opened as an 6.5-point favorite over BYU.  It was quickly pounded to -8.  That's about 3 points less than what it was going to be as I saw projections of 11 last week.  BYU has more issues than FSU does after amassing 8 drives against Air Force that failed to eclipse 15 yards.

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