Some plays I like, that I think could help the offense

Please let me qualify this post by saying that I'm not suggesting that our offense sucks or anything of the like, I'm just showing a few plays that I found that I would like to see some more of in our offense.

Play 1 Setup: Shotgun, bunch left wide, with a back to the QB's right hip and one receiver to the right side.

Play: One of the bunch receivers runs a go down the left sideline, while another runs a quick slant (almost a drag). The third receiver to the bunch side runs a fake quick slant (mirroring the other receiver with a false first step), then bouncing the play outside to a bubble "screen". The thing here is that instead of having blockers on the screen, the WR running the bubble is using space to his advantage since the other wideouts have cleared out the left side of the field. So, in a sense, it's no so much of a screen as just a genius use of space and misdirection. For the record, the back stayed in to block and the single wideout ran a curl. The play went for almost 10 yards, and while not everybody is this fast, we have guys (like Bert Reed) that should be able to do this in space.

You can view the play run HERE by Wes Welker of the Patriots at 8:07 in:

Two more plays after the jump...

Play 2 Setup: Singleback, 2 WR split, TE right, FB strong

Play: Wes Welker comes in motion from wide right to tight inside, then runs a sit-down curl that appears 100% to be a WR-option. Welker runs this route to perfection here at 2:42. He just SITS in the zone and turns the proper way after the catch, leading to a 10+ yard gain. When we face off against zone defenses, guys need to help Ponder out by finding holes in the zone and just SITTING there. When guys aren't running great routes, one thing they can do is just find a place where a guy isn't, and wait for Ponder to throw it to them. Again, Reed and Easterling should be able to run this well.

Play 3 Setup: Singleback, bunch left wide, one wr right

Play: Before I describe it, just watch at 0:36: It's perfect. You all talk about ways to use Greg Reid on offense, or to use our speed as an advantage against slower opponents (Bert Reed ain't no slouch), this play is perfect for that. As the ball is snapped, Welker drops back for a quick WR screen and his blockers get the job done. Considering our wideouts are generally large (besides Reed), blocking should be a strength of the unit, especially considering Dawsey had the unit blocking so well last year. So, if you are thinking of a way to get Greg Reid the ball, perhaps this is a way to do it.

I feel that these are three difficult plays to defend and, considering two of the plays are from a bunch set, it becomes even more of a problem for the defense to decide whether you are going to run a play such as Play 1 or Play 3. And, with the bunch formation, there are also so many level plays you can run, so I would like to see some more bunch sets once our WR's get more comfortable running routes. Until then, veteran WR like Bert Reed and Taiwan Easterling should really try to help Ponder with option routes (like Play 2) and sitting down in the zone.

Sorry for using Wes Welker as the example for everything, but he does it so well.

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