Scouting FSU's Opponents: Week 3

Inside, you'll find the drive charts for FSU's remaining opponents. These cover competitive possessions only, and do not include stats racked up when the game was mathematically over.

As always, these are listed in order of the schedule.  BC, Miami, and Virginia did not play this week.



As you can see, FSU consistently moved the ball throughout the entire game. When a team moves the ball and doesn't score, it's a great indication that scores will soon come.  FSU out-gained BYU by 130% and that's a dominant performance.  FSU had drives of 54, 62, 83, 63, and 86 yards in competitive time.  BYU had 8 drives of 20 or fewer yards.

Now, compare that to last season!


Last year FSU was out-gained by BYU by 13%!  This year FSU out-gained BYU by 130%  FSU beat BYU by more last season, but was far more dominant this time.  Pretty wild that FSU gained more per play this year than it did last season, yet scored 10 fewer points.  BYU didn't give FSU the amazing field position that it got last year.

Wake Forest


This was an epic beatdown!  The game was over after only 7 Stanford drives (all ending in touchdowns!).  Wake really doesn't have the talent this year except for an excellent receiver corps.  FSU's biggest goal next week should be avoiding chop blocks by the Deacons in their new zone-read scheme.  



BackingThePack has a nice recap.  Sloppy game but NC State has some talent and isn't wildly injured like it was last season.  



Everyone who repeatedly said that Carolina's offense would be awful and that the problems of last year were not caused by injuries and massive losses to the NFL have now shut up.    Here are two excellent takes on this Carolina game.  First | Second If Carolina gets its 7 defensive starters back I might consider the Heels the best team in the conference.



Dr. B does some of the best analysis on the net so I'll let him share his thoughts.  Auburn did have 44% more yards per play, but also committed two turnovers.  A very well played game on both sides and Clemson is no joke.



Maryland's not an awful team, it's just a below average one.  The Terps cannot throw the ball on 3rd-long at all.  If they ran the ball more and shortened the game the Terps might have some success when conference play rolls around.  As always, Ben Broman with tremendous coverage.  FirstSecondThird.



The Gators are tough to judge because of the snap issues (certainly they were better than 5.0 per play on plays they successfully snapped), but this UF team isn't particularly dominant yet on offense.  The defense is of course loaded with talent and quite good still.

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