Florida State Prepares For Oklahoma (and other ACC Notes)

Big Game Week as FSU Prepares for Oklahoma
"This is one game," Fisher said, following Monday's practice. "It's a measuring stick to see where we're at. We'll prepare the same as we did last week and if have some success, we'll handle that. If we have some adversity we'll handle that." "Coach Fisher told us that they've only lost two (home) games the last 12 years, and they play really well at home," said FSU senior middle linebacker Kendall Smith. "It's a hostile environment for us, so we've got to go up there and play good football. ... We have to play a solid game and give it our very best. "We've got to go out there and be focused. It's not that we've got to prove to everybody that we're a good team. We've got to prove it to ourselves." The Seminoles seemed eager to get started in their preparation, earning praise from Fisher for their first day of practice preparation. "I loved it," Fisher said. "The enthusiasm was good. The attitude was good. We got a lot of work done on a Monday. We got game-prepared and a good jump on things. I was really pleased with the way they went about their business." "This is why you come to Florida State, for these type of games, going to play out of conference against a great program," junior receiver Bert Reed said. "It's a challenge, but it's an opportunity for us to see where we're at." Fair or not, many Florida State fans want to use the outcome to determine whether the Seminoles are back to play at the same elite level they had grown accustomed to a decade ago. "That is the question, and when you're playing a team like Oklahoma you get a chance to see if we're really `back' or not.," Reed added. "It is a measuring stick. We'll see where we're at." "People will say this was Samford, so we haven't shown anything yet because it wasn't a good test for everybody," said sophomore defensive tackle Everett Dawkins. "That is what they think so far, so (Oklahoma) is a good test for us to show us where we are at. We will worry about ourselves first, and then just show everybody what we've got." "Just because their game was close, we are not going to think they are any lesser opponent, because they are not," Dawkins added. "They are still Oklahoma - ranked in the top 10 - so we have to still look at them the way we did before." "We try to focus the same on everyone," Hudson said. "We try to get it going, but as a team we are really excited about this one. It's a big game. ... We just have to prepare this week; prepare and do the right things in practice and it will all work out for us."

Now for something on FSU's opponents

Postgame Impressions: Clemson 35 - North Texas 10 - Shakin The Southland
Shakin's breakdown of the North Texas- Clemson game. Your one-stop shop for all things Clemson and the best analysis on the net.

Boston College 38, Weber State 20: Reasons for Optimism or Cause for Concern? - BC Interruption
Boston College defeated the Weber State Wildcats 38-20 this weekend, but there are plenty of causes for concern with the Eagles performance.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly Report: LSU " Tar Heel Fan
Interesting report on the UNC game. Carolina is absolutely loaded with talent and almost beat LSU (Miles is an awful coach) without 9+ starters. If they get those guys back, watch out.

Maryland's Goal Line Stand Gives Terps Win Over Navy Midshipmen, 17-14 - Testudo Times
Maryland avoids embarrassing the ACC with its win over Navy. Nice report here. 

Wake Destroys Presbyterian 53-13 in Season Opener - Blogger So Dear
A great report on the Wake Forest game (no chance you watched, right?)

ACC Football Power Rankings, Sept. 7 Articles
FSU ranked 2nd (up from 4th)

OU in Review: Utah State Gives Sooners a Gut Check
Opening games for the Sooners under Bob Stoops traditionally have been an adventure. Following Saturday night's game, OU is a measly 3-6-1 against the spread in the first game of the year. For every 60-point blowout, the Sooners have had a dogfight. In fact, if history is any indication, this game could have turned out much worse (see 2009 and 2005). Good look at the Oklahoma-USU game.

Virginia Tech has still never defeated a top-5 team away from its home stadium.  The Hokies consistently have good teams and good talent, but they do not land elite recruiting classes and thus do not have elite players.  Last night's ugly game showed why you don't want to open up the season with a meaningful game.  It was sloppy and poorly played by both teams, but Boise with 20 returning starters was much better prepared than Tech was with 11.  The ACC will look like a tremendous conference when teams like Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, and Clemson are seen as the number 3,4,5 teams behind elite/ very good Miami and FSU teams and not the 1,2,3.  That should happen in 2011.  The conference is likely to take it on the chin for this season.

I am not liking the line for this Oklahoma game.  Despite many more bets on FSU than Oklahoma, Vegas is still begging betters to take FSU.  That means the large wagers are on Oklahoma.  Ditto Miami for the Ohio State game.  

Oklahoma Sooners-Florida State Seminoles: The Vegas View
The handicapping trends signal a victory for the Oklahoma Sooners over the Florida State Seminoles this weekend.

The Sooners are definitely beatable and we'll have Sooners coverage for you tomorrow morning with a podcast and an interview.  If there's anything you want to know about OU ask it in the comment section and I'll try to fit it in.

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