Florida State's Rebuilt Defense Tries To Speed Up For Oklahoma's No-Huddle Offense

Update: Mister Alexander was arrested yesterday for failure to appear in court for driving without a valid license last October.  Alexander voluntarily turned himself in upon learning of the warrant.   This is not a new charge and is no big deal. We doubt this would impact his status for OU.  Alexander was in class today.

When you're preparing to play a team like Oklahoma, there are a lot of bases to be covered. Multiplicity, on both sides of the football, is the Sooners' calling card and the reason FSU coach Jimbo Fisher has revved up the pace and tempo at practice this week.

"We did a lot of stuff," Fisher said at the conclusion of Tuesday's two-hour practice. "We had some bad plays, had some good plays, but we dealt with them and learned to finish. We had a good day."

One of the things defensive coordinator Mark Stoops' unit must be prepared for is the Sooners' no-huddle offense, which operates at different speeds during different times of the game.

"They have just a flying pace, a medium pace and a slowdown pace, where they check and do things at the line," Fisher said. "They try and dictate the tempo of the game.

"We give (the defense) a pace like that. We can no-huddle for them. You get two or three scout teams going at a time, running back and forth. ... You get them ready, because you've got to be able to think on the run."

As for the defense...

The Sooners like to show multiple looks in an attempt to cause confusion, while remaining the attacking style that their veteran coach has parlayed into a great deal of success....
They're aggressive, they're physical. They've got a ton of blitz packages and I'm sure they'll come after us like crazy. They make you work."

JUCO newcomer Mike Harris, who earned defensive player of the week honors, lost his mother yesterday.  Harris appreciates all the prayers being sent his way by the Seminole faithful and will fly home following the Oklahoma game.  Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Moody will likely be a game-time decision.  Fisher thought Jenije played a decent game.

Jeff Cameron sat down for 10 minutes with CJF.  Really valuable stuff here as Fisher said stuff not in the regular press conference.  

Also, remember to get your picks in at FunOfficePools.com!  13 people were perfect last week.    

Here's a coverage map for the game!


Click to see the full-sized image.

Also, I received this from they Davey O'Brien committee.  Make sure to vote for Ponder.

FORT WORTH, Texas - The Davey O'Brien Foundation announced today that the Fan Vote for the 2010 Davey O'Brien National Quarterback Award® (The O'Brien) is now open. Fans are invited to cast their vote for the nation's best college quarterback as often as once daily atwww.VoteOBrien.org.

"The O'Brien is the only college football award that gives fans the opportunity to play a significant role in the selection process," said Danielle Moorman, executive director of the Davey O'Brien Foundation. "We have watched the fan participation increase each season and with the quarterback competition this year, we expect the same."  
The 2010 season marks the fourth time in The O'Brien's history that fans have had a say in the voting. The Fan Vote counts as 5% during each round of the voting process, and it is combined with the results from the O'Brien National Selection Committee, which is comprised of journalists, broadcasters, commentators and former winners. Fan Vote totals are cleared after each voting round.
The Fan Vote Process
Round One: Sept. 7 - Oct. 24
Beginning Sept. 7, fans will have all 120 Football Bowl Subdivision starting quarterback to choose from until the voting for Semifinalists closes at noon Central Time (CT) on Oct. 24.
Round Two: Oct. 25 - Nov. 21
The Fan Vote will re-open October 25 following the announcement of the 16 Semifinalists. Fans may vote for quarterbacks on the Semifinalist List to help determine which three will advance as Finalists. Fan voting will close at noon CT on Nov. 21.
Round Three: Nov. 22 - Dec. 5
The Fan Vote will re-open for the final round of voting on Nov. 22 following the announcement of the three Finalists. Fans may select from the three Finalists to help determine who will be The O'Brien Winner. Fan voting will close at noon CT on Dec. 5.
The 2010 Winner will be announced on The Home Depot ESPNU College Football Awards Show airing December 9 on ESPN and will be honored at the 34th Annual Davey O'Brien Awards Dinner held at The Fort Worth Club on Feb. 21, 2010 in Fort Worth, Texas. 
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