Tomahawk Notes 01.18.11

Here is your daily Florida State Seminoles news.

I have previously reported that Antwane Greenlee and Cameron Wade will graduate and not be on the team next year.  I think Wade is headed to North Alabama.  Not sure where Greenlee will be. if anywhere.  I now hear that A.J. Ganguzza will do the same.  Some have speculated that he will take a job with the Sheriff or fire department.  His college degree will help him start on a higher wage scale.  Congrats to Ganguzza for getting his degree and battling through back problems.  

Chantrant has a list of things it wants to see for next season.  I agree with everything except the 1,000-yard rusher.  I expect FSU to continue to get the freshest back into the game.   

It saddens me to report that Andrew Carter is leaving the FSU beat.  Carter is a tremendous reporter and you probably won't realize just how good he is until he is gone.  But I am happy for him that he gets a promotion to cover the Miami Dolphins.  From one reclamation project in Tallahassee to another in Miami.  We can only hope the new guy is half as good. 

Karlos Williams.  Senior Film.  Wow.

Miami grabbed a commitment from Ohio Linebacker Antonio Kinard.  He's not very good and isn't likely to qualify.  I hear this is a favor to Hargave's coaching staff (major prep school).  So why is this important?  

Because it signals that the Canes will be running a 3-4 defense.  Miami took Ricardo Williams (6'5" 210) and now this Kinard kid (6'4" 210).  What do you do with a kid like that?  Wait three years until they add 40 lbs?  No, you play them standing up in a 3-4.  

Want more proof?  Miami is only recruiting B.J. Dubose as a tight end.  Dubose is 6'3" 240.  That screams defensive end in a 4-3.  If Miami was really running a 4-3, they'd take him as defensive end.  And the Canes brought in a massive 345lb JUCO nose for a visit (he's thought to be signing with Georgia).  That signals the move to the 3-4.  

Sure, Miami will still run some 4-3, particularly until they get 3-4 personnel in place, but these moves are heavily slanted to the 3-4.

In other Cane news, Miami got a commitment from Kevin Grooms.  The talented athlete was recruited by FSU but the 'Noles ran out of room at DB and RB.  Grooms is one of two Miami commitments that are FSU quality.  The other eight are unworthy of an FSU or UF offer and that has to be concerning to 'Canes fans, particularly after Randy Shannon gave scholarships to 10 unworthy players in the last cycle.  That is a ton of dead weight in Coral Gables.  

But don't take my word for it.  Ask these experts:

"Right now, it's the worst Miami class I can ever remember seeing," said Allen Wallace, the national recruiting editor for and the publisher of SuperPrep.

"It looks poor. It's shaping up to be a disaster. I think Golden is going to be good for Miami, but I am surprised he doesn't have more recruiting momentum."

"This was going to be a lower-rated class anyway for Miami," national recruiting analyst Mike Farrell said. "This class was going to be low on numbers with about 14 or 15 players, so it's not a full class. You knew it wasn't going to be a top-25 class even if Randy Shannon hadn't been fired.

"Still, I think if you are a Miami fan, you have to be a little concerned."

"There's going to be a tremendous amount of pressure on Golden next year," Farrell said. "That's going to be a full class, and you cannot have back-to-back weak recruiting years. [Florida State coach] Jimbo Fisher is riding high and recruiting at a high level for the Seminoles. Muschamp will also be under the gun to recruit like Meyer. Then, you have Charlie Strong coaching at Louisville who can really recruit South Florida and be a pain in the butt for Golden and Miami."

Think about it like this:  Over between last class and this one (about 45 players), Miami will have enrolled a full class of kids who had no interest from elite programs.  

And today the 'Canes picked up a commitment from Dallas Crawford.  While Crawford does not hold an offer from FSU or UF, he is a pretty good player and being objective I will give Miami credit for getting the corner from South Fort Myers HS.

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