Step away from the edge...seriously!

You know, I'm tired of hearing what happening to our team... Honestly, I want to know what happened to our FANS???

In Afghanistan, I wasn't able to watch the game, had to watch the OU/TX slaughter with the score almost never coming on the ticker...switched back between that and the GT/MD game to look at players, etc. Also, it was 9pm here before it started. This is meant for you to realize what "I" did to see my Noles play (notice I didn't say win or lose)

I honestly thought we would lose this game, because we are playing hurt. Wake was READY for this game, plain and simple, so much they waited to showcase their scoreboard for US! They were not expecting to win, but they took advantage of it. Everyone said OU we wouldnt beat, CJF bitchin about crowd participation. Yes, I think we could've won that game, and nothing on the field was the was the fans, the drive to beat Oklahoma...

I still think the NoleNation is mad about 2000 (The "all I could get was a safety" bowl) Heipel(sp)'s revenge for Weinke winning the Heisman) but I digress... What is wrong with you people on here? Calling for heads to roll, lack of discipline, players suck, missing assignments... We are Florida State. We actually have a national fanbase. We are thought to be the first choice for a SEC team because of our legacy.

Coming into the year, we were the team to beat...guess what...we got beat. We played a very good FCS team, a decent cupcake, and the #2 team in the country, then, a very good Clemson team...then, a very lucky Wake team with talent, mostly from our state, so its not like they dont have natural talent. Everyone knows Florida is the football goldmine... I think what Bud and the contributors do here is attempt to keep you all in check.

Here on out, all I care about is staying healthy. Not going to gather the firing squad, not going to bash the players for missing assignments, and I'm surely not going to give up on my team. I think it's a no-brainer we will beat Duke. CT and Datko would pad up in Duke uniforms and screw up plays before THAT will happen. Let's look ahead, shall we...? Duke - Renfree could give us trouble IF we aren't protecting the pass, or get beat. He's no CP7 or Landry, but he does have talent. IF we WAKE the hell up, IF we play the players who will have the most success at their positions, IF we don't have penalties or bad position (keep in mind Duke's Punt avg is 48.0yds/5, longest 57...we need GR5) we will win this game resembling the LM game with CT, Chuck ST with EJ (if he comes in and plays broken like last week) They are coming off a bye...

Maryland - Coming off a presumable disastrous Homecoming by welcoming Clemson and our first home game back since OU, i do not see this game being worrisome. Yes, they beat Miami, but thats not saying much this year, now is it...

Expect some good things from the fans to win this game by a lot. NC State - This would be a horrible game this year, but with Russell Wilson (5-0 Wisconsin, 13/1/1391yds) gone and their battle with Virginia a week before should equate to a check in our win column Boston College - BC this year is Duke. Right now, they are 1-5 and they just lost Harris and Ramsey for the season. After VT and MD, I think this should be another plus for us.

Miami - Another Harris (Jacoby) is dangerous. This is a rivalry game, after having their homecoming of Duke. This one should not be up in the air, but with injuries on our side and uncertainty of positions, it really is. I think this one worries me the most. Virginia - Well, at this point they are debatable if they will be successful when they meet us at Doak , but will have to play most of the teams we play above, and I think their record may (hopefully) be either slightly worse or severely worse than ours.

I honestly believe there will be no wins for Virginia after Idaho.

Florida - Lot of big ifs and issues with this game. Like Miami, it's a rivalry game and shouldn't be ignored just on the front that both teams are struggling. You take away Ponder and Tebow, replace with EJ/CT vs Brantley/, injuries on top of injuries, and it is either team's gameball. ACCCG? If we get into this by some stroke of misdirectional luck stolen from the two teams in front of us, it may propel us through the game. If we win (against NoCar more than likely, VT possibly, GT unlikely) they will say what they say every year since 2001, that we're there because of the lost know what, I'll take that this season. clue right now...When it gets closer, I will project something.

Moral of this should support their team even if we are 2-10 this season (which there's NO way possible we will be; too much talent and changes will be made to prevent that) That doesn't matter though; what matters is we support our players, support our school, and support each other, by talking the posters off the cliffs and ledges.

If we have people on a bandwagon team, make them convert to Seminolism, make them realize ESPN, HD, and the press are bias and scared internally of Chief Osceola, the tomahawk chop and the dreaded warchant (or more concise, what those three things do to another team and its fanbase. Truthfully, I believe we are as good as #1 this year; the only one to get back there is to fight for the top, and as fans, it is your duty to motivate them for battle.


Every player has media in their ear daily; you think it would be cool to read all these things posted before a game? SEMINOLE FANS UNITE!!!

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