player of the week: Greg Reid

This week's Player Of The Week is Greg Reid. Let's review Reid's season and talk about his role against Duke. 

Reid is a candidate for the Bednarik Award, given to the most outstanding defensive player. He's on the list for the Paul Hornung award, given to the nation's most versatile player. And of course, he's on the list for the Jim Thorpe award, given to the nation's best defensive back. 

But Reid won't win any of those awards this year. Greg Reid is an overrated player for the Seminoles. He doesn't deserve to be seriously considered for any of those awards. 

But ovverrated doesn't equal a bad player. Greg Reid is still a good player. He's just not special as a defensive back. Too often he plays selfishly and not within the confines of the defensive schemes. His selfish play sometimes helps, but most often it is detrimental to the 'Noles defense. 

Some believe Reid thinks he can make the leap to the NFL after this year, but his performance so far this season would not merit a draft pick. FSU fans hope he doesn't make that foolish decision.

If Reid can focus on playing his assignment and not freelancing, he can be a valuable member of the FSU defense and perhaps even justify his preseason All-ACC selection. 

And while Greg has not played like an all-star at cornerback, his work as a punt returner has continued to be stellar. Reid's average of 12.2 yards against division-1 teams leads the ACC and places him fifth national among returners with at least 10 returns. Reid hasn't taken a return back for a touchdown yet, but he has consistently given FSU good field position and seems close to breaking one.

The must underrated part of Reid's game is the hidden yardage he saves the 'Noles by catching everything. You often see returners in college football fail to catch the punt and see if bounce ten, fifteen or even twenty yards farther! These hidden yards are crucial in a game and are difficult to measure. Reid catches everything and almost never shies away from a punt return.

His punt return average of 12.2 is up almost 30% from last year, though it is nowhere near his 18+ average of 2009. 

And that's impressive considering that Reid has battled injury this season. He suffered what looked to be a gruesome leg injury against Oklahoma, but continued to play in the game. After, he was seen on crutches and missed the Clemson game. Reid is clearly still playing through the leg injury and isn't "right." 

He'll have a big task this weekend in defending Conner Vernon and Donovan Varner. Neither are amazing physically, but both are very technically sound and are the exact type of player capable of giving Reid trouble if he is undisciplined and overaggressive. 

Discuss Greg Reid on theNole Sigest Scout website!

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