Maryland Releases Depth Chart For Florida State Game

Maryland released its preliminary depth chart for the Florida State game. Like the 'Noles, the Terrapins are also quite injured.

WR 82 Marcus Leak 6-0 195 Fr.-HS DE 11 David Mackall 6-3 240 So.-1V
13 Kerry Boykins 6-0 190 Jr.-2V 41 Marcus Whitfi eld 6-3 230 So.-SQ
LT 73 Max Garcia 6-4 290 So.-1V DT 72 Joe Vellano 6-2 285 Jr.-2V
74 Nick Klemm 6-5 290 So.-1V 97 Darius Kilgo 6-3 290 Fr.-RS
LG 67 Pete White 6-4 330 So.-1V DT 90 Maurice Hampton 6-2 295 Sr.-2V
71 Nate Clarke 6-3 295 Fr.-HS 96 A.J. Francis 6-4 295 Jr.-2V
C 63 Bennett Fulper 6-4 295 Jr.-1V DE 91 Keith Bowers 6-2 260 Fr.-HS
65 Sal Conaboy 6-3 270 Fr.-RS 54 Cody Blue 6-4 260 So.-SQ
RG 68 Josh Cary 6-5 290 So.-1V STAR 15 Mario Rowson 6-3 190 Fr.-RS
70 De’Onte Arnett 6-4 275 So.-SQ 6 Kenny Tate 6-4 220 Sr.-3V
RT 76 R.J. Dill 6-7 300 Jr.-2V MIKE 53 Lorne Goree 6-1 230 Fr.-RS
61 Jake Wheeler 6-7 275 Fr.-RS 47 Cole Farrand 6-2 233 Fr.-HS
TE 89 Matt Furstenburg 6-4 245 Jr.-2V WILL 35 Alex Twine 6-0 220 Fr.-HS
34 Devonte Campbell 6-2 255 Jr.-2V 52 Darin Drakeford 6-0 240 Jr.-2V
QB 16 C.J. Brown 6-3 200 So.-1V CB 25 Dexter McDougle 5-10 190 So.-1V
5 Danny O’Brien 6-3 215 So.-1V 14 Jeremiah Johnson 5-11 170 Fr.-RS
TB 8 Davin Meggett 5-9 215 Sr.-3V S 48 Eric Franklin 6-2 205 Jr.-2V
44 Justus Pickett 5-10 175 Fr.-HS 29 Austin Walker 6-0 195 Sr.-3V
FB 49 Tyler Cierski 6-0 255 Fr.-HS S 27 Titus Till 6-2 195 Fr.-RS
39 Jeff Hernandez 5-11 235 Jr.-TR 19 A.J. Hendy 6-1 195 Fr.-HS
WR 17 Quintin McCree 6-1 190 Sr.-3V CB 22 Cameron Chism 5-10 190 Sr.-3V
1 Tony Logan 5-10 180 Sr.-3V 21 Trenton Hughes 5-11 190 Sr.-2V

Our friend Patrick Stephens of the Washington Times and D1scource has a great look at the new changes to the depth chart.

The really important thing to note is the absence of receiver Kevin Dorsey, who was injured in the second half of Maryland's loss to Clemson.

Make sure to check out Patrick's article for the rest of the changes.

The biggest thing that sticks out to me here is the lack of experience at defensive end and linebacker: sophomore, red-shirt freshman, red-shirt freshman, true freshman, true freshman. 

Will this depth chart be accurate come Saturday? I don't know. I have a hard time seeing Tate or Darkeford not playing if they can physically go at all. 

Think Jimbo was enjoying himself watching three freshmen linebackers and two underclassmen at defensive end against Clemson? Yeah, me too. 

Perhaps this will be an even matchup for FSU's offensive line, which features four first-year starters.

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