Scouting FSU's Opponents: Week 9

580 total yards of offense. Combined. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

This is a weekly feature on in which we review the performances of each of FSU's upcoming opponents. I will not do game charts for games against D1-AA opponents. All game charts are non-garbage time only.

This takes a lot of work. I hope that your enjoyment of each game increases with additional knowledge of the opponent.

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Please remember that all of these stats are pre-garbage time only.

BC Maryland
Score 28 10
Plays 69 65
Yards/Play 5.48 4.74
BC outgained Maryland by 16% per play
Field Position Own 41 Own 34

This game was beyond ugly. Played in front of no more than 5,000 people (literally, 10x empty seats as people), in the snow, Maryland didn't really show up.

Give some credit to BC for running the ball well in the cold conditions (200+ yards). They have this new kid by the name of Finch. He didn't look to be anything special. BC had a bunch of runs that went for 6, 7, 8 and 9, as Maryland's front seven is horrible. Remember that in five conference games, Maryland has allowed almost 1,000 more rushing yards than Florida State. Did BC's run attack suddenly get better, or did BC just play Maryland? Perhaps some of both. 

The game featured six turnovers and five missed field goals. Put a lot of that on the weather. 

Post-game thoughts | Recap from the MD side | Helmet Stickers | Film Review

Score 28 21
Plays 63 60
Yards/Play 7.5 7.2
UVA outgained Miami by 4% per play
Field Position Own 18 Own 32

The Miami Hurricanes dropped a game to the Virginia Cavaliers. They really were not outplayed by much, if at all.

The difference in this one was basically Miami's two missed field goals. Miami's offense is very good. That's a good offensive line, they have the best back in the conference and arguably the best receiver in the conference. And Jacory Harris is a different player. 

But Miami's defense, well, ...

7.5 yards/play allowed at home to Virginia? Seriously, Canes? Miami has been the second-worst defense in ACC play. 

The story with Miami continues to be ignored by the media, but this is the best Miami is going to look for a long time. Miami's best players will be leaving via graduation and early entry to the draft. Miami announced 40,403 fans, and there were no more than 33,000, if that.

This week, the Canes face Duke and are offering a package of 4 tickets, $40 stadium bucks, and parking for $13 dollars. Yes, the school is basically paying you to attend the game. 

Virginia's run game looked very good, but this is not the first team to gash Miami, so let's wait and see how they look against one of the best defenses in the country in three weeks. Post-game wrap.

Score 24 20
Plays 74 56
Yards/Play 4.00 4.04
Yards/play was dead even
Field Position Own 35 Own 40

Finally, to the Florida Gators. What a terrible game to watch. I hurried out of Doak and to a TV only to have my eyes bleed. What a terrible game for the offenses.

It's pretty tough to both average 4.0 yards/play. We knew going in that both of these teams play good defense, but these offenses were just bad. 

They combined to score three touchdowns in nine red-zone chances! UGA missed two easy field goals while UF missed one. Was UGA the better team? Not really, no. Was UF the better team? Again, not at all.

The biggest difference in this one was that UGA ran 18 more plays than Florida, because they were 7 of 19 on third down, while UF was 2 of 13.

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