Sports Betting Thr...oh nevermind

This year sucks balls.

There is nothing left to say.

Let me start by saying Tomahawk Nation is in no way associated with any gambling website, nor does TN condone gambling of any sort. This is simply a discussion of odds and anything written in this thread in no way reflects the views of Tomahawk Nation.

Due to the recent uptick in a few threads discussing the gambling odds and takes of a few members, I thought it might behoove (word of the day) us to create a thread where people interested in the topic could ask questions, discuss lines, and maybe learn a little from everyone else. If there is a decent amount of interest related to the subject, perhaps this could be a weekly thread, assuring no one ever gets any work done, ever.

Let me first point you toward an awesomely informative podcast discussing several of this weeks games, including FSU-Wake: PODCAST

Now that you have a little knowledge on this weeks games, let me show you what games I took this week:

12:00      Oklahoma simply to win (currently -10) vs. Texas

12:00      GT @ -13.5 vs. Maryland

12:30      FSU @ -13, and then more at -10 at Wake Forest

7:00        Texas A&M @ -6 (currently -9.5) at Texas Tech

7:00        Michigan @ -3.5 (currently -7.5) at Northwestern

I also played a teaser. For beginners who don't know what a teaser is, it is a bet that allows you to basically buy points on games. This gives you better lines, but lower payouts.Here I have a teaser giving 5 points (meaning the actual line is 5 points in the opposite direction).  This 5 point teaser, for instance, is 6 teams, and would pay +775. a $20 bet here would win $155 if it hits.

12:00         Oklahoma -5 * vs Texas 

12:00         Georgia Tech -9 * vs Maryland

12:30         Florida State -5 * vs Wake Forest 

3:30           LSU -8½ * vs Florida 

7:00           Michigan -2½ * vs Northwestern 

7:00           Texas A&M -4 * vs Texas Tech

I enjoy teasers because it allows for a little more creativity in your gambling and can give big payouts depending on the number of games in the bet. Because of the nature of teasers and the number of upsets that can happen each week, I rarely bet very big with teasers.

You can go HERE to check the currently lines on BODOG. Be sure your workplace will allow this as we don't want anyone getting into trouble.

What games do you see that interest you? What tactics/strategies do you like to use in your approach to games? What questions do you have? I definitely do not portray myself on an expert in this field, but hopefully we can all learn form each other in these discussions.

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