Prepared to be a minority of one, but .... (UPDATE: Strip and score) (UPDATE II -- the rule book)

(EDIT: Monday 10:45 a.m. OK, I finally got the rule book thanks to a link in the front page story on officiating. It has caused me to finally be able to take a position on the "strip and score." To be honest, the college rule book is surprisingly thin when it comes to describing what constitutes a completed pass. Here are the two relevant excerpts:

Catch, Interception, Recovery

ARTICLE 3. a. To catch a ball means that a player:

1. Gains possession (Rule 2-4-1) of a live ball in flight; or

2. Leaves his feet and firmly grasps a live ball in flight, the ball first

touching the ground inbounds while still in his firm grasp; or

3. Leaves his feet, firmly grasps a live ball in flight and either first returns

to the ground inbounds with any part of his body or is so held that the

dead-ball provisions of Rule 4-1-3-p apply (A.R. 2-4-3-I-IV and A.R.


Now, here  is Rule 2-4-1, which is referenced in 3.a.1:

SECTION 4. Catch, Recovery, Possession

In Possession

ARTICLE 1. “In possession’’ is an abbreviation meaning the holding or

controlling of a live ball or a ball to be free-kicked. It may refer either to player

possession or team possession.

a. A player “gains possession’’ when he secures the ball firmly by holding


FSUED writing again: I can find no other place in the rules where the definition of a catch is addressed. I can find nothing on "football move" or anything like that.

So, as I read this, the definition of a catch is, simply, securing the ball firmly while contacting the ground inbounds.

With this knowledge, this reversal is now clearly an error. Not only is there no irrefutable evidence, accoridng to the rules, there should be no doubt that this is a catch (all of this is assuming that the version of the rules I'm reading is correct, but I think they are because they include the new 10-second runoff rule).

Now, on to the Bradham hit. The rule book is very clear that "launching" is illegal, but ONLY if the hit is delivered to the neck or head. The Bradham hit fails on both counts -- he did not launch and the hit was to the chest.

So, my position on this is unchanged -- it was a legal hit, but it's still very understandable to me that a flag was thrown -- it was violent and when I watched it with the naked eye, my first thought was -- that's a penalty. The ejection was, of course, wrong, but if what the official thought he saw was a headshot, the ejection would have been appropriate (certainly the OU DB's who hit Shaw were more worthy of ejection than Bradham).

So, to summarize my overall view on this:

-The strip and score was a terrible overturn which the ACC needs to explain

-The Bradham penalty was wrong and the ejection exacerbated the error, but I can definitely see and empathize with this error

-The roughing the kicker call was borderline but defensible.

--All the late hits/Joyner spike were legit.

I don't believe for one second there is a conspiracy against us, any more than I think taking 5 bad beats on the river means on-line poker is rigged. All of this stuff will even out.

(EDIT: Sunday 6 p.m. OK, finally got my to do list done and watched a replay of the strip and score and I am, frankly, stunned. So many posts I've read said something to the effect of "he caught it and took a step before the ball came out." That simply didn't happen. Please tell me with which leg he completes a step before the ball comes out. Now, I'm not familiar enough with the college rules to know either way, but if the rule is that a receiver has to take one step with possession before it's a catch, then this not a catch. If there is some other definition, the issue remains open to me. I would certainly say the rules SHOULD be written so this is a fumble, but that may or may not be the rules this game were played under)

I'm seeing a lof of these "clearly" blown calls very differently than pretty much everybody else on this board.

And my main takeaway from this game is not that the ACC officials are corrupt, but that we are much more undiscinplined than I realized and that our offense continues to sputter.

On the officiating, I did not get the feed during the strip and score and have not seen a highlight, so I can't comment on that.

But regarding other contentious calls:

-Both of Jernigans late hits were clearly correctly called to me. He took two steps on roughing the QB and the after the whistle hit on the punt return was egregious.

-The roughing the punter call was borderline, but anytime you even touch the kicker when he is in the most vulnerable position, you risk roughing. The REAL issue here is what the hell was our player doing anywhere near the punter on that play? We did not have the block on and he had no chance of getting to the ball. Extremely stupid play -- ref should have never been put in a position to make the decision on roughing vs. running into.

-Sorry folks, but Wilder held the guy on the brilliant K. Williams return. The Miami player clearly tried to pull away and was taken down with a twisting motion. I have no argument with that call.

-The Bradham hit is tough. In the NFL, that would have been a "defenseless receiver" call, even it was a gorgeous, clean hit. I think if the shoe were on the other foot, we would have all been clamoring for a penalty to be called.

-The Tank late hit was not violent, but was totally unneccesary and clearly late. Could have cost us the game. Why give the officials the option. He CLEARLY had time to pull up.

What really bothered me in this game was our trash-talking, head-butting and thuggery. I know it's a rivalry game, but unlike the BC game when THEIR players seemed to be instigated everything, I thought in this game, we were trash-talking and strutting around unnecessarily. More than a couple times, I winced thinking that a flag might be coming for unsportsmanlike.

Joyner's spiking of the ball is a great example of a mind-numbingly dumb play.

Offensively, we finished well under Bud's pretty conservative goal of 6.25 per play. Still huge O-line issues and Manuel made some poor throws that we were lucky weren't intercepted.

Easy to say "we should have won 38-7" without bad calls, but here at TN, I've been coached to look at other metrics and looking at YPP, we were lucky to even win this game.

Not a good effort by our team and I think this site is on the verge of turning into a "whine at officials" destination which is never appealing or helpful.

Now, gather up every rotten tomato you can find and let 'er rip!

or controlling it while contacting the ground inbounds.

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