Questions to ask on the recruiting front as the season clears up.

QB: With Jamies Winston and Sean Maguire signed the question is will Winston ever suit up for football?

RB: Pender on board, Freeman and Wilder Jr. in front, the question becomes who gets the rock?

FB: Is the position going away with Pryor or is this the key to getting WIlder Jr. involved ASAP?

WR: Bracy's clearly the speed element, but it sure would be nice to have a better shot at the likes of Cooper, Black, or Agholor. Are we likely to flip or get in the Agholor sweepstakes? Unlikely.... however, from the looks of things 2013 seems to have a deep group of wideouts for the Noles to pick from.

TE: Kourtzidis aka Kowhozyourddy is bringing the west coast Cali back to the Noles! The question is does Jack Nicholson get pissed if Kourtzidis doesn't get thrown to?

OL: Taylor's sheer size is almost big enough to make up for the fact that we have only one OL signed, NOT! We need bodies to balance out this class for the offensive line, otherwise we will have the same problems at the line in the future. I finally moved next door to Peat so expect the inside scoop soon.... JK. The question here is why haven't we done a better job at this position this year? Did we over book ourselves last year so badly that we can't sign anyone this year because the talent at offensive line in the state of Florida this year is great. However, we don't have a single one.

DL: Casher, Edwards Jr., Fowler, Shanks, Stuckey with Goldman looking like a 50/50 bet! The question is can our defensive line rub off on our offensive line recruits to improve their game and if everyone sticks plus Goldman, will this be the best DL class ever? Can someone make me a statue of Haggins already, the guy is a legend!

LB: Eligwe is the lone stud coming in at linebacker for the noles. Linebackers have never been in question since I've ever been a fan and follower of the noles and I don't expect that to change anytime soon. The question here is why do linebackers love smearing garnett all over their opponent and who is going to be the big name guy for this position next year?

DB: PJ Williams is nice, but Howard sure would relieve the loss of our current cornerbacks if he were to step in. Hope the Miami game impacts his decision but a November 26th matchup with the Gates might determine who he inks with. What happens if Howard goes elsewhere and we only sign Williams? Joyner and K Williams are set at Safety, but who among the rest will step up to fill the void with our trio of corners leave? 

K/P: Ok they are obviously very important positions, especially after the Miami game, but if you think they are getting their own position you are crazy! With Beatty and Aguayo signed we have planned out the exodus of Hopkins and Powell. The question here is what does Beatty even look like and please tell me he isn't as ugly as Aguayo?

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