11-5: Jimbo's ACC Record After Two Seasons

Let's have a look at Jimbo Fisher's ACC record after complete conference seasons in Tallahassee. That's 16 games. Fisher will get 4 years from FSU, minimum, so this seems to be the halfway point. And what is the record?

11-5 (69%)

On the plus side, that's much, much better than the 21-19 (52.5%) that FSU was post-ACC expansion under coach Bowden. So on that front, those who are saying FSU could have done what has been accomplished without making a change are definitely wrong.

And there's no question the program is much better now than it was during the latter part of the lost decade.

But it's not enough.

FSU needs to be winning at least 75% of its conference games. Not 69%. I set a lofty goal on the side of the website (left sidebar) of 78%. That would be ideal, but 75% really needs to happen. FSU can get the players to go 75% in conference. 

You may say, "But Bud, if FSU had won the UVA game they'd be 12-4 and right at 75%." And you'd be right. But it didn't happen. 

It's very important to win the games against the lesser teams. Twice this year, FSU has lost as a sizable favorite. These cannot happen. Blemishes, when they come, need to happen to good or really good teams. Despite Virginia's record, I do not count them in that group.

I put the Wake loss on the coaches and the UVA loss on Manuel, but everything is under the umbrella of Fisher and he's paid the big bucks to receive the criticism. 

I don't think things are as bad as most do, but I do believe they should and must get better. If I were the AD, FSU would need to be 12-4 in the next two ACC seasons to keep Jimbo after 2013.

With Virginia Tech coming on and Virginia rotating off, the ACC slate gets tougher next year. The team must as well. If not, Fisher'll get 2012, 2013 and adios. 

Either Fisher will get this team right, or he'll leave it loaded with talent (assuming recruiting stays at a high level) for the next guy.

And as an aside, I hope fans realize the importance of conference games. I was shocked to see fans leaving after the third quarter. As a whole, I think FSU has a mental issue with conference games. They simply do not care about them. They don't realize there are lots of good teams in this conference, and that conference games are the most important games of the year. Not Oklahoma games. FSU needs to take them more seriously as a program, and so do the fans. 

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