What will the FSU offensive line look like in 2012?

FSU's offensive line has taken a lot of criticism this season, and most of it has been deserved. Though a number of injuries put the team in a bind, it also reminded us of the recruiting whiffs of 2009 and 2010, and the hole they've put us in.

Enter the 2011 OL class.

FSU arguably put together the best OL class in the nation last year. Unfortunately, most OL prospects aren't remotely ready to contribute as freshmen, and require years of development before they can make an impact. Ideally, they get these years before they even see the field.

But that's not where we're at. We're starting a seventeen year old.

As much as it upsets me to realize Bobby Hart will be turning 20 years old as a senior, and to think about what he could've done in the long run with a RS season under his belt, the situation is what it is.

Going into 2012, FSU will lose: Zebrie Sanders, David Spurlock, and possibly Andrew Datko (either to graduation or injury, or both.)

We're left with:

Senior: Jacob Fahrenkrug

Juniors: Bryan Stork, Henry Orelus, Garrett Faircloth

Sophomores: Bobby Hart, Dan Foose

And then I'm unclear about who got a RS but, either RS Fr or Soph: Josue Matias, Ruben Carter, Sterling Lovelady, Trey Pettis, Austin Barron

Here are the things I'd like to get some discussion on:

1) Will Jacob Fahrenkrug turn the corner as a senior? He has all the physical gifts to be playing on Sunday, and be a dominant college lineman. He has improved steadily this season, but has yet to live up to the hype. What can we expect from him going forward?

2) Will we get any quality play out of Stork, Orelus and Faircloth?  It seems like all three of them haven't really been more than servicable, and Orelus/Faircloth have been so injury prone. I'm not convinced they'll be able to stay healthy long enough to make an impact, much less hold off the talented youngsters.

3) Who will step up from the 2010/2011 classes? I'm really curious to see if we'll get anything out of Dan Foose. He's a physical specimen, 6'6" 310, but I haven't heard one word about him since NSD 2010. But then there are guys like Matias, Jackson, Carter, Pettis, Lovelady...there's a lot of talent there.

Whose name will we be hearing this spring, and who could we see starting come fall? Does anybody have any way-too-early predictions for who the starting 5 will be?

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