FSU and the NFL draft

With the regular season college football coming to an end it's that time of year when mock drafts are updated. An excellent site for looking at the mock drafts of many "experts" is

On that site you'll find several dozen links to other sites. I would caution you that most of the "drafts" at this point are first round only. Several have the second round and some have their top 100 players. From the abbreviated versions of the "mock drafts" I have gleaned the following with respect to FSU players (the only sites I looked at were updated after 11/20). B. Jenkins is still the highest rated player. He has slipped from a consensus mid first rounder to a late first rounder or a early to mid second round selection.

Z Sanders appears to be the next highest rated player and most (slight majority) have him going in the second round but several have him a third round pick. Believe it or not, A Datko is still out there and is a consensus third round pick with some having him in the second. I saw N Bradham on one third round board but, as I said earlier, there just are not many of the sites that go past the second round.

I think it's a safe bet that B Jenkins is gone (hard to pass up top 50 kind of money) but you never know. Maybe he opts to come back but IMHO, he won't improve his stock because of the position competition next year and the way he's used here.

Datko is an enigma. If he can come back then he could play and improve his stock back to late first round where I recall he started the year. Comments on him seemed to be "low risk, high reward". In other words..."not sure about the recovery but if he does then you got yourself a good deal." I guess it's stayed tuned on him.

The other guys (Sanders and Bradham) are gone either way. One final comment on Sanders. I want to look at the updates after the UF game. I think he lost money in that least that was my impression of the several times I saw him. Could be wrong since I don't replay games or do film review but I thought he struggled.

Other players to consider. M Harris and the X man. Saw some mention of Rhodes on top 100's but nothing on Harris. Rhodes hurt himself this year (at least up to this point). He was mentioned on many sites as a first rounder but has since more or less disappeared.Good for us but bad for him.

Who's going early and does Harris get drafted? It seems a safe bet that FSU will at least beat it's Duke-like draft showings ( 3 last draft, 3 the year before and just 1 in '09). Seven players in three years. In the good old days that was the typical year. There is no other way to say this....the reason we sucked from 2006 till 2009 is, well we sucked and the NFL agreed.

This next draft I say we put 4-5 in the NFL. Sticking there is up to them but at least things are looking up for FSU on the quality of player front. I expect from 5-9 draft picks for 2013 and later.

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