Scouting FSU's Opponents: Week 10

(Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

This is a weekly feature on in which we review the performances of each of FSU's upcoming opponents. I will not do game charts for games against D1-AA opponents. All game charts are non-garbage time only.

This takes a lot of work. I hope that your enjoyment of each game increases with additional knowledge of the opponent.

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Please remember that all of these stats are pre-garbage time only.

Duke Miami
Score 14 42
Plays 47 56
Yards/Play 5.79 7.96
Miami outgained Duke by 38% per play
Field Position Own 20 Own 36

Miami plays really, really slowly. Each team had only 8 non-garbage possessions. I think they do this to protect a defense that has very little depth. 

Miami basically made Duke look like Duke. Jacory Harris played much better than he did against Georgia Tech or Virginia. Dare I say that he is a good quarterback?! I might say just that. This is a very good offense that scored touchdowns on its first five drives. 

The defense, however, is still not much. Duke had drives of 82, 74 and 68 yards before garbage time. 

UVA Maryland
Score 31 13
Plays 77 63
Yards/Play 6.78 5.52
Virginia outgained MD by 23% per play
Field Position Own 32 Own 34

Look at Virginia! That's a 6-3 team, in contention for the Coastal division crown. It's also a team that lost to N.C. State at home. 

Maryland really is a mess. They again had a crowd of less than 50% capacity. Here's my current take on Virginia: they can run the football, but the passing game is not all that good despite the success they had over the past few weeks.

Defensively, UVA remains decent. Nothing more. That really goes for their entire team. The offense and defense are just decent. Nothing special, but nothing terrible.

Vanderbilt Florida
Score 21 26
Plays 63 69
Yards/Play 5.98 5.97
Neither team outgained the other per-play
Field Position Own 25 Own 28

Finally, the Florida Gators. Here's about as a good of a recap as you'll find, courtesy Alligator Army. Neither team really outplayed the other, which is very sad if you're a Gator fan, which you are not. I want to point out Andy Hutchin's paragraph on the officiating: 

"The refereeing in this game was, to be kind, atrocious. Vanderbilt made errors, and flag-worthy ones, but I refuse to believe that if they made 11 of them (one penalty was a deliberate delay of game), Florida made only three. The Gators were more disciplined than in previous weeks, but not much more disciplined. These refs also missed Saunders' mind-numbingly blatant pass interference; likely called a late Vanderbilt catch wrong on the field, then were unable to overturn it because of inadequate visual evidence; may have missed a holding call on Demps' touchdown run; and allowed Easley to throw down Rodgers on a play that had been whistled dead. I don't think that's home cooking, or corruption; I just think it's incompetence, and wish that I didn't have dumb calls to lampoon. And while I'm not calling for this game's outcome to be vacated because of the dumb calls, I wish the SEC felt it important enough to its mission to employ the best officiating crews possible."

In other news, UF's defensive line is very good, its secondary (aside from Matt "trust in Urban Meyer" Elam), is not.

We will have much more on these teams as the weeks roll on. 

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