'Noles News 12/16/11: Five Miami Hurricane Starters Leave School Early

via images.wikia.com Count 'em! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 underclassmen stars going pro!

On Mark Stoops: There's nothing new to report, really. I'm told he would definitely like the Pitt job (who wouldn't, as Penn State is going to be down for a long, long time), but is unlikely to get it. Auburn still lurks, and if asked to make a call, I still don't think he goes as of 10:10 a.m. EST.

Two more 'Canes down! As I said last week, Brandon Washington is going pro. Canes laughed at me, but I had inside info on this one. Miami confirmed it today. I didn't, however, realize that Olivier Vernon would also turn pro. Ouch.

That's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 starters deciding to leave school early. Included in that is Miami's best two offensive players (Lamar Miller and Tommy Streeter), best offensive lineman (Brandon Washington), and arguably Miami's best two defensive linemen (Olivier Vernon, and when healthy, Marcus Forston). And did I mention Miami is losing 20 scholarship seniors? Yes I did, many times, this summer.

Oh, and NCAA sanctions have not even been imposed yet. But they're coming, as Miami had the worst cheating scandal in about a quarter century.

I currently project Miami to be somewhere between 4-8 and 6-6 next year. Though 3-9 or 7-5 wouldn't shock me. This is football, after all. An average or bad team can go 7-5. Bounces matter. But it's unlikely.

Need a really good laugh? Here are Miami's scholarship seniors for 2012: M. James, C. Holton, K. Thompkins, J. Calhoun*, B. Jones, J. Lewis*, D. Smith (DT), A. Ojomo (3-tech), R. Buchanan (SLB), R. Armstrong (S), B. McGee (CB), V. Telemaque (S), D. Johnson, J. Wieclaw, D. Botts. Yeah, "who are these f'n guys?"

This wouldn't be so bad for Miami if they weren't getting their brakes beat off on the recruiting trail.

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