'Noles News 12.20.11

Today I have an excellent collection of stories for you. 20, in all. As always, I've read each of these and promise not to bring you junk. Not all of these are about Florida State, but I've always maintained that the readers of this site like reading good articles about football, regardless of the team. And perhaps no news is good news for FSU, considering the Mark Stoops drama and the arrests of the last week.

Oh, and did I mention... ANDROID APP for Tomahawk Nation? Yeah.

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Avis Commack and Arrington Jenkins are both currently suspended from team activities. Jimbo has handled the rare arrest during his tenure quite well, deferring to the legal process and preserving the rights of the kids.

Also, feel free to talk recruiting in the recruiting open threads (-----> right sidebar).

Draw It Up: Evaluating Alabama's Defense - The Triangle Blog

Brandon Ford is Plan B for Tigers | The Post and Courier, Charleston SC - News, Sports, Entertainment
A reminder that Clemson is likely going to lose its freak of a tight end in Dwayne Allen.

Bloody Monday in Norman | December The turnover in the Oklahoma Sooners football program started in earnest on Dec. 19 with the announcement of a number of transfers from the team.

Cripes! Get back to fundamentals...: Sean Payton: Quarterbacking

Spaziani In-Game Management: Punting In Opponent Territory - BC Interruption
Interesting look. May do something like this with Jimbo, though we do it during the year anyway, usually.

Clock Management Report Card: Spaz's Use Of Timeouts In 2011 - BC Interruption

Football As Films: Bowl Season's Opening Weekend Reviewed - SBNation.com
Since they don't really count but you watch them anyway, let's look at the games of bowl season they way they should be viewed: as long, unscripted movies of varying quality. Today we review the three films from Saturday.

Florida State baseball earns No. 13 preseason ranking – Chopping Block – Seminoles Blog – Orlando Sentinel
The Diamond!

Video: Difficult season ahead - ACC Blog - ESPN
Heather Dinich says there is too much for Maryland and Miami to overcome to be considered contenders in 2012. Duh.

Chomping At Bits: Will Muschamp Discusses Offensive Coordinator Search - Alligator Army

Austin Peay Added to 2012 Schedule | The Key Play
Excellent decision by Tech. They understand how the scheduling game is played.

Ranking the bowls by conference - ACC Blog - ESPN
Finally, the ACC is the No. 3 conference in the land. In bowl tie-ins? I guess, but damn, those behind the ACC must be awful.

Paragraph of the day, red zone playcalling edition | Smart Football

2005 F/+ Rankings Now Available At Football Outsiders - Football Study Hall

A Pre-Recruiting Look At Our 2012 Canes: Part 1 - The 7th Floor

This post will cover the skill positions, and is assuming that all the guys that will be leaving for the draft have already declared their intentions, or of course are seniors and have no choice. As far as I am aware, the last holdout was Ojomo, and that was due to his application for a 6th year, which sadly he was denied. So this list is subject to change, albeit it shouldn't be much different aside from the new kids on campus.

This doesn't seem all that realistic to me, but it's not crazy, I guess.

Bowl blog debate: ACC vs. Big East - ACC Blog - ESPN
This really isn't close.

Visesio 'Junior' Salt Commits To Florida Gators - Alligator Army

*A darkhorse candidate for the Jaguars job is Maryland coach Randy Edsall. It may be tough to hire... - Testudo Times
Testudo Times continues to hope and pray that Edsall leaves.

TJ Yeldon Flips: De-Commits from Auburn, Commits to Alabama - Roll 'Bama Roll
Auburn continues to be a mess.

Here's a fun link on Notre Dame girls (work safe): http://100redflags.com/post/10757667996/45-she-went-to-notre-dame

Remember when we laughed at Miami's situation? It got worse, just a day later.

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