What Will the FSU D-Line look like in 2012?

In reading the article on the FSU O-Line I began to wonder what the FSU D-line would possibly be in 2012.

2011 was a very positive outlook into the future for FSU's D-line as FSU showed massive improvements from the benefit of a sufficient depth chart, and another year under their belts with adequate coaching, and exceptional Strength and Conditioning.

Enter the 2011 recruting class:

Tim Jernigan

Niles Lawrence Staple

Derrick Mitchell

Cornelius Carridine

Giorgio Newberry

FSU was able to put together a pretty decent recruiting class with two members contributing from Day 1 and the other three members taking Redshirts.

Enter the 2012 Recruting Class:

Mario Edwards

Chris Casher

Dante Fowler Jr

Justin Shanks

Dalvon Stuckey

This is already an exceptional class, and with the the addition of Eddie Goldman, will on paper rival some of the best 2 year D-Line assembled in the past decade just off of a recruiting stars standpoint.

What We Return

Seniors - Brandon Jenkins, Jacobbi McDaniel, Moses McCray, Cornelius "Tank" Carridine, Anthony McCloud, Everett Dawkins, Toshmon Stevens

Juniors - Demonte McAllister, Bjorn Werner, Darious Cummings, Dan Hicks

Sophmores - Cameron Erving, Timmy Jernigan

Freshman - Niles Lawrence-Staple, Derrick Mitchell, Giorgio Newberry, Mario Edwards Jr, Dante Fowler Jr, Chris Casher, Justin Shanks, Dalvon Stuckey

With the type of Athletes Jimbo has brought in, he has made true on his promise of recruiting "GAM", probably all of these athletes pass the eye test, and with the amount of talent that Jimbo & Co have delivered this will only fuel competition as shown this year, that the best player available will see the field no matter their classification.

These are the types of D-Lines that championships are built upon, as most of us have seen with Alabama and LSU, a great D-Line with depth can benefit a defense as a whole from the amount of sacks accumulated, but more importantly pressuring the QB which in turn forces bad throws, leading to more turnovers.

Possible Discussions:

1) Will any of the upperclassman interior lineman emerge as that "elite" difference maker to complement the likes of Jenkins (if he returns) or Werner?

2) Which of the Redshirt Freshman, or True Freshman, will emerge as possible early contributors?

3) Which of the True Freshman do you feel will benefit more from a RS?

4) Who from this long list of defender could possibly transfer due to lack of PT?

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