The G5 movement (Greg Reid)


The G5 Movement:

Every Seminole fan knows who Greg "G5" Reid is, this season (2011-2012) I think it would be great if Seminole Nation did something special for one of the most exciting players in the ACC and maybe even all of College Football. This season anytime Greg is back to back to return a kick or punt all Nole fans should raise one hand in the air showing 5 fingers representing his number, this is a token of appreciation to G5 for his stellar play from his freshman and sophmore season and will also inspire him to take his play up to another level during his junior year. At the same time this will send the opposing teams fans, players, and coaches a message that anytime he touches the Football he could break it for a big play and possibly a Touchdown. Kick it to him at your own risk, just know he's gona make you pay. This will also help to get the fans involved during the game. I know i've been to games last year and saw a few fans throwing up 5's when he's back to return but i want to make it bigger then just a few fans i want this to be a movement all 80,000+ on their feet with they're 5's in the air can you picture that? Let's make this happen 'Noles!! A lot of fans think we should chant while we are doing this i think thats a great idea also if you have any ideas on a chant we could do or noise we could make while doing this please let your opinion be known, Maybe one half of the stadium Yelling out G and the other half yelling 5 like they do with the garnet and gold thing.

2011 recruiting:

With the 2011 recruiting season over and Florida State landing a great class, Who will step up and be an impact freshman? Will we have as many as last year?(17) How much bigger will they get with our Nutrition program? And who do you think is a sleeper in this class?

2012 recruiting:

What positions are needed the most right now?

Wishlist: I know right now 3 players that have really impressed me with the 2012 class are Barry Sanders Jr, Deon Bush, and Mario Edwards Jr. Any chance we get any of them? Maybe all? Who are some other players Seminole Nation should be on the look out for?

NFL Draft:

We all know Christian Ponder, and Rodney Hudson were very impressive in the Senior bowl, Hopefully that will effect there draft stock. Where do you see them going? I'm hearing a lot about CP7 in San Fran, I wouldnt mind that at all. What about Hudson though Seattle? Also Kendall Smith, Mister Alexander, and Markus White any chance of them getting drafted?

Nike Pro Combat Uniform:

Will we get one this year? 


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