Florida State Football Notes 03.30.11

Florida State offensive line coach Rick Trickett handled the practice today as coach Fisher was out with a prior commitment (today was a re-scheduled practice).  

p>"I thought the intensity level was pretty decent," assistant head coach/offensive line coach Rick Trickett said. "One-on-one, they were getting after each other on them boards pretty good - way better than it was the first time. I think we have so many young kids and new kids that their eyes are that big around. I thought the intensity level, effort and the jumping around was really good."

On the young tackles (both of FSU's starting tackles are recovering from surgery):

They're doing better. We're throwing the whole offense in so with different fronts and blitzes, their heads are spinning a little bit. They kind of know it in the meeting room but when all the bullets start flying...they'll be better men for it. It's kind of a baptism under fire. I think they'll have a deeper appreciation for it. The thing I'm encouraged by is that Zebrie and Datko are doing a great job of coaching them and that helps me out a lot. I think hopefully it's going to make those two guys, better players when they step in. When you start coaching it, you have to learn it and I think that'll make those two guys better football players.

On junior college transfer Jacob Fahrenkrug (the new left guard from JUCO who once weighed more than 400 pounds before turning to wrestling to lose weight ):

Great run-blocker right now. [He's] got some work to do on pass protection. Overly aggressive, gets out of position, but I haven't had one in a long time that can do the boards like he does. He's like a road grader. He just walks them out of there. He's got a chance to be special I think.

On the center position:

If I had to play tomorrow, I'd probably go with David Spurlock. One of those two will be the guy. This [Sterling] Lovelady kid has got a chance. He really does. He's really a good pass blocker. He's just a little light right now (true freshman). I'm really encouraged by him down the road.

Spurlock at center:

I thought he was a kid, whose played for three years and can make the calls, understands what's going on a little more than Stork. Stork just started towards the end of last season. It was more veteran [related]. Maybe it'll help him if he has a shot later at going on playing, he may be a better center than a guard.

That's surprising, considering Stork had been taking some first-team reps.  The injury stuff above also plays here.  He also likes Stork's agility and quickness at the guard spot.  He did do a great job in the bowl game.

Michael of TN recently spoke with Florida State defensive tackle commitment Dalvon Stuckey and Stuckey told him he was repping 405 pounds on the bench press.  That's very impressive for a kid going into his senior year.  6'3" 305 (give or take 5), and an excellent prospect.  Gerry Hamilton agrees.


Miami's stud defensive tackle Marcus Forston is out for the rest of Spring with a knee issue.  We'll continue to monitor this, as he is very good when healthy and motivated.

Mack Brown of the Gators broke his femur fibula and is out for three months.  The Gators are very high on Chris Rainey, but he is their only remaining tailback this Spring.

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