Florida State Spring Game: In Jimbo's Words

Florida State's Spring game, as expected, featured a complete lack of offense as FSU was missing its only three returning offensive line starters.  Jimbo Fisher said the offense "actually scored more than I thought they would."  He was happy that the players played hard and that FSU survived the game relatively unscathed.  

On EJ Manuel  

"The way we were up front (you can't tell).  That's not the way he's played all Spring.  There were a few throws I wish he wouldn't have made, but he couldn't get into a rhythm and I expected this and it doesn't bother me."

On Greg Reid "picking up where he left off"  

;He did, but he also got lazy a couple times.  He got beat on the back, and had some discipline things.  But yeah, he did make a big play.  Needs to be disciplined, but Greg makes big plays and had a solid day.

How's the running game been this Spring?  

;Not good.  We don't have any linemen and we have some pretty good linemen.  We don't have the linemen right now healthy to be consistent with it.  But, for what we had and where those kids were, how far they came, I wasn't displeased with it.  [Freeman] and [Thomas] did some nice things.

On Greg Dent  

Average.  Made a few plays, but also disappointed me with some routes.  Still has a long way to go, but playing solid.

On Fahrenkrug

Solid.  Nicked an ankle late so we moved him to guard late.  Hard to tell.  Need to see the film.

On Bjoern Werner 

Very hard to block.  Strong.  Very good in the run game, developing in the pass rush game.  We have four really good ends now.  

On injuries to Josh Gehres (knee) & Demonte McAllister (back) 

Gehres is done (for the year).  Blew his knee.  Demonte could have played, was held as a precautionary thing.

Did you think of doing anything to tone down the defense? 

No.  No.  Just let em play.  We were very vanilla on both sides of the ball and played our base stuff.

Brandon Jenkins  

Still isn't 100%, but he can be a dominant player. Came back very strong and really had a great final week.

Telvin Smith  

;Always makes plays.  Instinctive and reads the ball. I want linebackers who are at the bottom of the pile, not standing around the pile. He's at the bottom

On the game production  

It was great to see all the fans and all the old players.  A lot of those guys haven't been back in years.  
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