Top Quotes Following FSU's Garnet and Gold Spring Game

Here are some more quotes following FSU's Garnet and Gold Spring Finale at Doak Campbell Stadium before an announced crowd of just under 54,000.

"That's about what I expected [Team Garnet finishing with 168 yards and Team Gold with 253]. We actually scored more than I thought we would. We are just too banged-up up front that it's hard to tell either way.  It's hard to tell on offense and it's hard to tell on defense. The kids played hard and that’s what I was happy about. Played hard, made a few plays here and there and fought through it pretty much unscathed and get ready to get better in the fall, get everybody healthy and get them back." -FSU coach Jimbo Fisher

"Overall, I didn't feel that I had a good day.  The defense played great.  I really don't have any excuses.  I wanted to go out and have a great showing and I didn't.  It's the spring game and obviously you want to have a great showing and I personally don't think I did that.  I made some mistakes that I shouldn't have made and I am not going to make any excuses for them."  -EJ Manuel who finished 17 of 36 for 204 yards  with 2 Int's and 6 sacks.

"It's definitely good going into the summer to know that I made that kick. It adds a little fuel to the fire so definitely it will be a good memory for me."  -Dustin Hopkins on his 60 yard FG that would have been good from 65 at the end of the first half.

"We just knew we had to make big plays on defense and that's what we did. We were fired up. I came up with a pick-six that I felt like it brought a little momentum to our team."  -Greg Reid

"Some of those plays where the guys tagged me, I was like "No way he got me."  That took a dimension out of my game because any time they came in they blew the whistle and I feel like I could have dodged some of those and made a throw.  But like I said though, it's practice, and it's not fair to those guys to not call that sack because they can't tackle us. So it's fair for the defense."  -EJ Manuel

"I thought Clint had a good presence on the field. I thought he moved around, created some plays with his feet and had some nice throws. Clint did a nice job."  -Fisher on Clint Trickett who finished 13 of 22 for 147 yards.

"One time when they said I was sacked I thought,  "Are you kidding me, he only got two fingers on me." But they're doing that to protect us and I appreciate that." -Clint Trickett

"Will had a throw or two but didn’t have as many chances, so we will evaluate the film.  Didn’t think Will did anything bad, but Clint really did some good things."  -Fisher on back up battle between Will Secord and Trickett

"He just makes plays. It's instinct. He just reads the ball. Like I say, linebackers to me are easy to evaluate. They're either at the bottom of the pile or they're standing around the pile. You want the ones at the bottom. He's a good player."  -Jimbo Fisher on Telvin Smith

"I'm not surprised at all by Greg [Reid] but I didn't see him. I honestly I didn't even see him coming out. Him being 5 whatever tall really helped him out because I couldn't see him over the tackles. I thought it was an easy throw and at the last minute I saw him come out of nowhere and he picked it off."

"Even though it was the spring game I wanted to relate it to a real game. It was fun and I broke on the ball really well and luckily I just came up with a pick and took it to the house." -Greg Reid

"I was in the area, and I was about to run out there after it and all I see is Greg just shooshing right past me. He just made a great play."  -Christian Jones

"We went through like 14 practices so once they're in a little bunch like that, I kind of use my little techniques or whatever and I broke on the ball. I kind of knew it was coming." -Greg Reid

"It doesn’t always play out like you want but you can’t get frustrated with yourself, because the other side of the ball is going to make plays too. Just like we’re going to make plays on them." -EJ Manuel

"I was glad I didn't miss one for one team and make them for another.  The guys for the Gold team were defintely trying to get me to pull towards them.  It always feels good to make a kick. It will be a good memory for me.  To be honest, my legs were not even feeling all that great today. With the wind blowing as hard as it was, I didn't know if I could make it. It's definitely feeling good going into the summer to know that I made that kick."  -Dustin Hopkins on his 60-yard kick and going 5 for 5 from 41, 32, 35, 33 and 60 (against the wind)

"After years of seeing wide left and wide right here, it's good to see a guy kick one in like that."  -Former FSU running back Warrick Dunn

"I think the last three or four days he really started coming on again. I think he'll really benefit by going through a spring already. And we were very pleased with the spring he had. Very pleased." -Fisher on Devonta Freeman who lead all backs with his 7 carries for 25 yards, and catching 2 passes for 8 yards.

"We were not healthy enough on the offensive line to be consistent in the running game."  -Jimbo Fisher on missing 4 OL players and the lack of a running attack

"Yeah, it was just practice and we were trying to get the win."  -EJ Manuel on the game ending drive with 46 seconds left, when he completed consecutive passes to Bert Reed of 18 and 41 yards.  He then completed a pass to former St. Thomas Aquinas WR James Dolan, but Dolan was tackled by Terrance Parks at around the one yard line to end the game.

"He always seems to have a knack at the end of the game, and to me that’s what great players do. They can play bad all day, but they get the ball at the end of the game, they’d find a way to make a play, and he always seems to do that. From that standpoint, I thought we got as much from EJ not having a great day and being able to come back and do that again than if he went out there and blistered it up."  -Jimbo Fisher on EJ

"Obviously, we were trying to work the situation. The goal was to get six points. If it had been a real game, we would have kicked the field goal, got three points and won the game." -EJ Manuel

"What I’ve seen is  even when he knows he’s against a stacked deck, it doesn’t matter to him. He’s going to try to find a way." -Fisher on Manuel

"Being able to come back and still get us down the field, I think that shows promise to Coach Fisher, that the frustration isn't really going to bother me.  But in my mind, I’m dreaming about throwing five touchdowns, 300 yards, stuff like that."  -EJ Manuel

"I think it was great. We had a great turnout, had good fan support. A lot old players back. A lot of old players back. Current players, guys that we haven't seen back in years. Just to show the support for them and have them back. They got to have a reunion and get around everybody. I think it is a great atmosphere and it is a pleasure to be around." -Fisher about the entire weekend in Tallahassee.

"I still feel I had a great spring. I learned a lot and I got a lot accomplished. So definitely, I wish I could have shown it a little better to everybody. That didn't happen like I wanted it to. But I still think we got a lot accomplished. I don't see the spring as a waste at all. Everybody got better, and that's the main goal." -EJ Manuel

"We just have to get everybody healthy now."  -Jimbo Fisher


Minutes before some of the greatest FSU players in history engaged in a now spring-game traditional flag football contest at halftime, several current 'Noles were presented with spring awards in front of the home crowd.

Hinesman (Overall MVP): EJ Manuel

Defensive MVP: Bjoern Werner

Offensive MVP:  Lonnie Pryor

Matt Schmauch Academic: Andrew Datko

Finally, are you curious about the QB who threw the 4th quarter 20 yard TD to Kenny Shaw?  His name is Ethan Gilbert, a walk-on who transferred from the University of Miami.

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