Florida State Sports News 04.26.11

Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher 'very pleased' with EJ Manuel's progress | jacksonville.com

"If anything, I got a better impression of EJ after watching the video," Fisher said Monday at the Jacksonville Golf and Country Club, where he was making his first appearance of the annual spring booster club tour. "A couple of things I thought were on him probably weren't, and if we had turned him loose athletically, he would have made more big plays. I was very pleased with his spring. He's going to be fine."

Fisher didn't allow his quarterbacks to get hit during the spring game. They were ruled down if a defensive player broke through and touched them, but he said that in the same situation during a real game, Manuel not only would have broken loose, but he would have turned the situations into big runs or scrambles that would buy time for receivers to get open.

"That's his strength," Fisher said of Manuel's mobility. "He'll make plays on that kind of stuff during the season, the same way he's always done."

Fisher said Trickett and Secord did well enough in the spring game to convince him they would be able to come through in the clutch like Manuel did. "They both played solid," Fisher said. "Clint really made some plays, moved around and did things out of the pocket I was very pleased with. Will didn't have as many opportunities to make those plays, but I was still pleased. They just have to keep developing. "Fisher also reminded FSU fans one important fact: injuries kept Manuel out of the last two spring seasons. "Clint and Will are actually ahead of where EJ was when he was at that stage, because they've had a full spring," Fisher said. "I'm confident that if they continue to make progress, if we have to put them in a game situation, we'll move the football."

"We've got a lot of depth up front, good linebackers and in the secondary, we've got a lot of guys who can cover and will make a lot of money at the next level," Fisher said.

Draft countdown: A look at FSU’s hopefuls (C Ryan McMahon) – Chopping Block – Seminoles Blog – Orlando Sentinel
>~McMahon isn’t expected to be drafted very high (a likely seventh round or free agency pickup, according to most projections), but he could prove to be a steal for a team looking to add an offensive lineman late during draft weekend. A two-time All-ACC standout and a three-time Rimington Award candidate (recognizing the nation’s best center) he has proven that he has the savvy and experience to be quite good at his position. He’s started a conference championship and snapped to two different quarterbacks in a pair of bowl wins. The Savannah, Ga. native came to FSU originally as a defensive lineman before being moved to offense. He graded better than 80 percent in blocking for his entire career.

Linebacker Fundamentals: Man Coverage - Shakin The Southland

We’ve discussed the first basic fundamentals for linebacker play in the hit & shed, pursuit, and tackling articles, and now the last two fundamentals are pass coverage. Note that while I’ve written these with linebacker play in mind, the basics apply to all positions at all levels. Some coaches will start out by teaching zone basics and then go up to matchup zone, but since FF and I believe so strongly that man/man coverage is the most primary and intuitive form of pass coverage we’ll start with M2M here and cover match zone again with some thoughts on the spot-drop zone we used to run here in the next article.

Terps Insider: Edsall Follows Coughlin Form Maryland

It will be interesting to see whether Edsall adjusts his media policies and increases access once he realizes there is limited interest in the program. There were exactly four print reporters (Baltimore Sun, Washington Post, Washington Times, Terrapin Times) and a couple of television cameramen present when Edsall began his pre-spring practice press conference. < /br>Perhaps someone within the Maryland athletic department should explain to Edsall that he actually should be working to increase coverage and exposure of Maryland football in a saturated Baltimore-Washington media market that features a slew of professional franchises in the four major sports and others.

Edsall said all the changes were designed to improve the overall speed of the defense while getting the "best 11" players on the field. Based on interviews with players, Maryland will base out of a 4-3 front but will have the ability to morph into a 3-3-5 alignment thanks to the versatility the Star position brings. Players have referred to the scheme as a "quarters defense" and said linebackers will have less responsibility in pass coverage. Meanwhile, the secondary will be in one-on-one coverage more often, with the corners being asked to do a better job of pressing receivers coming off the line of scrimmage. "Basically, once the receiver goes past like six yards, we’re playing man-to-man," said Cameron Chism, a two-year starter at cornerback. "So basically the corners are out on the island."

I've been very clear in my stance on Maryland. It's a decent program that should be happy making a bowl game and having a .500 or better ACC record. Last year's 9-win mark is not sustainable. They should consistently be better than BC and Wake because of the available talent in the area, but behind Clemson, NC State, and FSU.

Texas A&M hopes new attitude leads to Big 12 title in 2011 - Andy Staples - SI.com

In past seasons Texas A&M didn't really believe it could beat Oklahoma or Texas. Talent and scheme are in place for Aggies, but shift in attitude is key to next step. A year into mental transformation, Aggies know they determine their own ceiling
A&M should be pretty good this year. They were top ten last season for a time.

Evolution: The New College Football Landscape & What It Takes To Win

During the week we will look at the current college football conditions for success, where programs rank in the grand scheme of things, how great jobs at given institutions really are and why fans are a part of the problem in a lot of cases. To kick it off and ease into things let's actually talk about the current landscape itself:

Teenagers of America, Where Would You Rather Undress in Front of Your Peers? - Gobbler Country

Miami played its Spring game in a high school stadium. Which means you get pictures of the players inside a high school locker room.

Ohio State Receives "Notice of Allegations" From NCAA, Avoids "Failure to Monitor" Charge - Along The Olentangy
This is important. The NCAA can say whatever it wants, but the only thing that matters is what is actually charged. Think of it like a prosecutor holding a press conference about a fairly minor charge. OSU isn't in big trouble. Tressel might be.

The NCAA and OSU's Procedural Posture - Along The Olentangy
The NCAA and OSU's Procedural Posture by Ross Fulton, Esq.

Should Florida Change Its Drug Policy? (5 strikes and you're out) - Alligator Army
As brought up first by Bud Elliott of Tomahawk Nation fame (which of course piqued my interest) in the comment section here, the Gators do in fact have one of the most lenient drug policies in the NCAA (5 strikes and you're out).

Cripes! Get back to fundamentals...: Rip / Liz (Revisited)

As touched on earlier, this coverage adaptation to 3 deep zone fills the holes of 8-man fronts vs 1-back. I’ve consolidated the lecture and video for (hopefully) a better illustration of the concept.

Hoops? Hoops

Predicting the Breakout ACC Basketball Players for 2011-12 | Run the Floor

upperclassmen who continue to improve, and these players are the foundation of the media’s attention. They’re also easy to identify because of the amount of attention they get – everyone knew about Kyrie Irving before he ever put on a Duke uniform, and everyone knew that Demontez Stitt was going to put up numbers his senior year at Clemson. But its the mid-tier players who are the foundation of the conference, and these are tougher to predict. Two years ago not many people were mentioning Reggie Jackson during his quiet freshman campaign, but then he burst onto the scene as a sophomore before becoming a Player of the Year candidate as a Junior. And that is what this article is about, pegging those players prior to their names becoming familiar for casual fans.

Of course, I’m not predicting these players will turn into Reggie Jackson, but rather, that they’re the lightly-used player on their team most likely to have a big season next year. The criteria was to pick one player from each team who had appeared in fewer than 50% of their team’s minutes, and then rank them 1-12 in terms of who was most likely to blow up. And here’s that list, beginning with the least likely player.

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