Injuries Make For A Strange Spring For Seminoles

With the news that David Spurlock is out with headaches after suffering multiple concussions last season, it seems to be a good time to look at the injury situation.  

There is both good news and bad here.  The good is that almost all of the players out with injuries are expected back, and not just back for the regular season, but back for Summer workouts.  And that means a lot of guys are getting reps who would normally not get the opportunity to do so, though that isn't exactly pleasing to offensive line coach Rick Trickett, who suggested that he feels more like a chaperon at the prom than an offensive line coach, given all the new recruits who forwent their final semester of high school to enroll early in Tallahassee.

But Florida State knew that 10 of the above players would be out for Spring.  Most of them elected to forgo surgery during the season, and instead go under the knife in January.  Those decisions helped propel Florida State to its best season in nearly a decade, which was parlayed into the top recruiting class in the country, and so on.  FSU planned to have these guys out, and shouldn't really be able to complain too much about it now.  Further, some of these guys don't really need the reps.

Tight End Right End
88 Beau Reliford 6'6" 260 SR 49 Brandon Jenkins 6'3" 260 JR
85 Ja'Baris Little 6'4" 253 SR 58 Dan Hicks 6'4" 269 R-SO
or 44 Will Tye 6'2" 246 R-FR Left End
or 47 Tank Sessions 6'6" 255 R-FR 95 Bjoern Werner 6'4" 278 SO
Left Tackle 91 Cornellius "Tank" Carradine 6'5" 255 JR
67 Andrew Datko 6'6" 311 SR
76 Garrett Faircloth 6'7" 291 R-SO Defensive Tackle
Left Guard 93 Everett Dawkins 6'3" 285 R-JR
60 Jacob Fahrenkrug 6'4" 307 JR 97 Demonte McAllister 6'2" 290 SO
61 Blake Snider 6'3" 294 R-SO Nose Guard
59 Henry Orelus 6'3" 295 R-SO 92 Anthony "Amp" McCloud 6'2" 302 R-JR
Center or 55 Jacobbi McDaniel 6'0" 301 JR
79 David Spurlock 6'4" 300 SR 94 Darious Cummings 6'2" 290 SO
or 52 Bryan Stork 6'4" 293 R-SO  
53 Sterling Lovelady 6'2" 277 FR  
Right Guard  
52 Bryan Stork 6'4" 293 R-SO  
or 79 David Spurlock 6'4" 300 SR  
59 Henry Orelus 6'3" 295 R-SO  
Right Tackle  
77 Zebrie Sanders 6'6" 307 SR  
59 Henry Orelus 6'3" 295 R-SO  
72 Daniel Foose 6'6" 285 R-FR

Where this really hurts is continuity.  The 3rd-team offensive line is now the second-team offensive line.  The 2nd-team offensive line is now the starting unit.  The first-team line has not had the chance to play and gel together, which is very important and should be a worry for 'Nole fans.  

But on the defensive side, only one player is missing from the defensive line two-deep.  And that's a talented defensive line, having finally matured physically.  They are simply dominating the offensive line in practice, as should be fully expected when a good defensive line faces a bunch of true freshmen in Spring ball, some of whom are yet to turn 18. That's quite frustrating for the offense, as they are unable to run plays when the offensive line is a sieve.

But look on the bright side, FSU fans.  FSU hasn't lost anyone this Spring to a season-ending injury **knock on wood**.  Arizona State, on the other hand, lost its 1st-team Pac-10 cornerback and its top receiver in the same practice, both to season-ending ACL injuries!   This is Spring, and you can bet that Jimbo Fisher would rather have his guys out for Spring if it meant they would be back for Summer, than he would a late-Summer injury. 

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