A Tomahawk Nation Milestone Achieved

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank our Chief, Bud Elliott, for reaching a major milestone in the short history of Tomahawk Nation.

Tomahawk Nation has now officially surpassed 5000 members (5004 at the time of this post), and unlike many other sites, most of our members are active daily readers and many of us participate by posting regularly on our little community's boards.  

For example, today we have had over 4,251 unique visitors to our site out of 5,963 total visits, so far, we are only just over half way done with the day and this is the slow news period of the year.

In the less than 3 years since he took over Tomahawk Nation, Bud has taken what was virtually a dead site and transformed it into the best, most vibrant, and educational sports digital media site covering FSU Athletics, including all the pay for information sites.  Bud accomplished this feat with his proprietary brand of "No Holds Barred Analysis of FSU Sports" that none of the other sites can begin to Rival.  

Sometimes Bud's comments may sting those of us who love FSU and those of us who like to view our Noles through our garnet and gold glasses, because we may not want to hear the truth about the state of our athletic programs. Sometimes his comments might seem to be on the controversial side.  But as most of us have learned, his analysis are usually accurate and spot on, many of his diagnosis were correct, and many of his suggested fixes have come to fruition and been exactly what the Nole nation needed to once again become among the elite programs in the nation.  Also, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who loves and cares more about the state of FSU athletics, nor anyone who wants us to succeed more.

Here are some numbers for you to grasp.

  • Since my last state of TN report just over a year ago, we have more than doubled the number of members on this site.
  • There have been 8,549,325 unique visits to Tomahawk Nation
  • There have been almost 2,000 (1989) stories posted
  • 996 Fanpost's published
  • 3,421 Fanshot's published
  • 19,456,568 pages viewed
  • and 4,145 Twitter followers.

Also, I know for a fact that there exist a large number of lurkers who read TN on a regular basis but have never officially joined.  What's up with that?  What are you waiting for, an invitation?  OK, consider this your invitation.  Please feel free to join our community by signing up here and start posting and sharing your thoughts with the rest of us.  It will take less than 2 minutes to join.

    Finally, once again congratulations and thank you Bud.  Please keep doing what you've been doing and maybe at this time next year we will once again have doubled in size.
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