Florida State Sports News 05.16.11

A happy Monday to y'all.  Let's get to all the news about FSU sports that's fit to print.

Also, Dillon Lee will be announcing today sometime between 6 and 7 PM. The talented linebacker from Georgia is considering the 'Noles, Tide, and Dawgs.

Scout.com: Preview 2011 - Way Early Bowl Picks, The BCS

January 3 or 4, 2012  Miami, FL Orange Bowl 8:00 pm ESPN ACC No. 1 vs. BCS at-large Way Too Early Projection: Florida State vs. Boise State Top Three Other Options: 1) Virginia Tech, 2) North Carolina, 3) Clemson
WHY? Florida State is the cream of the ACC crop, but North Carolina, VT, and Clemson will be in the thick of the fight. West Virginia or South Florida might be an option, depending on who wins the Big East, but the TCU vs. Boise State winner will have to go somewhere and would likely play in the Sugar Bowl or in the Fiesta Bowl.

Every 'Nole fan will be happy making a BCS game in Fisher's second year.

Video: Florida State Beats Clemson With 'Puntrooskie' in 1988 | LostLettermen.com

It’s “Florida State week” at Lost Lettermen and today we remember one of the most-famous trick plays in college football history, “The Puntrooskie,” which Florida State used to shock Clemson in 1988.

The Contenders: Stanford stays Lucky for one more run at the top - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports

The immediate effect of Harbaugh's ascension to the NFL is anybody's guess, but with the departure of three starting offensive linemen, Luck's top three targets and pile-driving fullback Owen Marecic, there's no guarantee that the beat will go on offensively — at least not to the tune of 470 yards and 40 points per game. But the attrition may be felt most acutely on defense, specifically in the front seven, where a pair of starting linebackers and the entire defensive line are gone from an outfit that finished in the top 20 in rushing defense and sacks.
That group grew and improved exponentially over Harbaugh's tenure, during which time the run defense gradually crept up from 77th nationally in 2007 and 2008 to 55th in 2009 and finally to 19th last year. Two of the key run-stuffers between the tackles, Marecic (who also started at middle linebacker) and nose tackle Sione Fua, were both drafted in the first four rounds last month, making them the first Cardinal defenders in Harbaugh's tenure to go in any round. Junior linebacker Shayne Skov is a standout, but assuming recruiting has yet to reach the point to allow the defense to reload with NFL-bound linemen on an annual basis, a regression to the middle of the pack seems inevitable.

Remember when I mentioned all this on the ITB podcast with Michael Felder? Glad to see others are noticing. Let's stop mentioning Stanford as a top-five team.

Scouting FSU’s schedule: A look at Charleston Southern’s spring – Chopping Block – Seminoles Blog – Orlando Sentinel

~Much like Louisiana-Monroe, it would be rather nonsensical to believe Charleston Southern would match up with the Seminoles … on paper. The rosters are simply built diametrically differently because of the size of the programs and the conferences they play in, and the level of pure talent aren’t at the same level. But like I said in the post about the Warhawks, football games aren’t played — and won — on talent alone. There are other intangibles that can make it possible for a team with less talent to, occasionally, stun the big, bad boy it shouldn’t come close to beating. That said, this post is only to showcase what Charleston Southern has for those who probably are curious (like me).

Linebacker Play: Key Reading - Shakin The Southland

Now that the fundamentals of the job have been covered, we're going to go into an outline of how to play the position and what they look for in players. After that, based on feedback, we'll go into some specifics of various defensive schemes.

Read this and get smarter.

Since the 1970s, Have Those Around Auburn Ever Stopped Paying Players? | Hog Database
Uh, no. No they have not.

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