Florida State Sports News & Notes 05.03.11

Policy Shift In Coral Gables?

Miami, after booting three players, had extra room and has added two late additions to its defensive line.  They will be eligible to play immediately.  The 'Canes first added Darius Smith.  The 6'3" 345 -pound JUCO nose guard was apparently 375 pounds a few months ago.  Smith had no major offers.  They also added Corey King, of West Boca High.  King is 6'2" 270 and looks to be a 3-technique DT or an end in a 3-4 front.  King had no major offers, but he also was not expected to qualify until very recently.  

I've noted that Miami's refusal to consistently bend its admission standards hurts its program.  But this could be a step in the right direction.  I can't remember the last time Miami brought in a JUCO DT.  That said, I have no idea if his grades were a concern.  He could be the rare JUCO DT with excellent grades and perhaps his weight was really the only thing holding him back.  It would be much more impressive if the 'Canes were letting in a big monster with spotty grades.

I've noted before that I expect Miami to switch to primarily running a 3-4 in 2012.  These guys fit that idea.   

These aren't the type of guys that win championships, but Miami is desperate to avoid fielding its worst team since the early 70s in 2012.  This could help them do that.

Russell Wilson Leaving NC State

Russell Wilson Granted Release By NC State - Backing The Pack
"This puts the speculation and uncertainty to rest, at least--it's Mike Glennon's show for sure now. Please don't let this end up being a horrible mistake...please don't let this end up being a horrible mistake... But TOB has been in a tough position with all of this, and I've been wondering how the team might react if Wilson were to return after skipping another off-season of work. Not to mention how awkward that would be with Glennon getting the nod over him.

Remember, though, Glennon is very talented and he could have elected to leave and play immediately elsewhere if not given adequate assurances that he'd start this year.  It's better to have Glennon for two years than Wilson for one."  

T.O.B. Makes The Right Decision For 2011 And 2012 | Riddick & Reynolds
"For if Wilson captains 2011 to another bowl bid but 2012 is squandered breaking in a new quarterback, was it worth bringing Wilson back for one more year, potentially losing Glennon to transfer in the process? I don't think it is, and I think O'Brien made the best decision for the program down the road. Sacrificing long-term stability for short-term gains is a sure fire way to land your program in a perpetual cycle of starting from scratch and to possibly find yourself out of a job sooner than you're ready."

Thoughts On Russell Wilson’s Split With N.C. State Jim Young
"All of which brings us back to the debate that N.C. State fans have been having ever since the 2010 season ended: Wilson for one season or Glennon for two? Again, you know what you’re getting in Russell Wilson in 2011. There’s no reason to think his production would vary much from the high levels he’s already established. Might he be rusty after missing spring practice and summer workouts? Sure. Just like he was rusty last season (28 TDs, 3,500 yards passing). But 2012 gets dicey. The Wolfpack would have no Wilson and, presumably, no Glennon. The assumed starter would be then-redshirt sophomore Tyler Brosius. His backup would likely be redshirt freshman Brian Taylor. Kinda scary."

NFL Draft

ACC players a hit in NFL Draft | JournalNow.com
"League teams chose 35 players from ACC teams, the seventh consecutive year that the conference has had at least 30 draft picks. The only other conference to top that is the SEC, considered by many to be the nation's top football conference."

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