SEC College Football Gambling Futures Odds Released

College football gambling odds for the SEC are now available. To be clear, these are gambling futures odds. (olympic sports book) was the first to release divisional and conference odds, and they deserve credit for doing so.

Looking for ACC gambling odds? Go there.

East Division Champ Odds Current
Florida Gators  +125  
Georgia Bulldogs    +125  
South Carolina Gamecocks    +250  
Tennessee Volunteers  +650  
Kentucky Wildcats  +1500  
Vanderbilt Commodores     +7500  

Let's break these odds down, starting with odds for the SEC East Division. I am talking about value, and not necessarily an outcome.

Also, I think The Greek is taking too big of a house cut on these (29% theoretical hold), so I would not bet the division sides.

Damn.  They got it partially right at the top.  I currently have Georgia projected to win 5.7 SEC games, which is tops in the East.  Why?  I believe they are as good as any East team, they play the three worst Western division teams (Miss St., Auburn, at Ole Miss), and get South Carolina at home.  No value here.

I currently have UF projected to win 4.4 SEC games, good for a third-place finish.  But wait, UF is a co-favorite?  That line is off and will change.  Even assuming that UF is as good as the two other bigs in the East, they play at South Carolina and get Georgia in a neutral game.  But it is the Western games that should kill UF.  Alabama, at LSU, and at Auburn in the midst of a brutal stretch.  The Gators are wildly over-valued here.

Any time you have a team in an odds table that is way out of whack, some other team will be of good value.  

That team is South Carolina.  I currently have South Carolina projected to win 5.1 SEC games.  They do travel to UGA, but host UF.  The Western Division games are much better than UF, but not as good as UGA (Auburn, at Miss St, at Arkansas).  South Carolina should arguably be a co-favorite with UGA, and there is some value in +250.

West Division Attempts Odds Current
Alabama Crimson Tide  +100  
LSU Tigers    +175  
Arkansas Razorbacks    +350  
Mississippi St. Bulldogs  +500  
Auburn Tigers    +800  
Mississippi Rebels    +1200

Now to the SEC West

It's tough for me to see any value in the West.  Not only is the house taking a huge cut, but the order seems to be correct.  

TheGreek has not yet released conference-title odds, but I will update this when they do.

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